11 Ways To Fix a Marriage After Growing Apart As Couples

Marriage After Growing Apart:

Misunderstand cannot be taken out of marriage, as two separate people cannot easily come to an agreement at a go. Couples need to disagree before they can come into arrangement, but giving up on fixing a marriage after falling apart should not be encouraged.

Fixing marriage after growing apart, firstly needs  reconciliation.

When couples notice that marriage is falling apart, try to fix it as soon as possible. Separated couples in a relationship make a marriage grow apart. To fix such marriage, both couples first need to reunite.

Common Cause of Marriages Falling Apart

Couples going separate ways in marriage could be more challenging to fix.  The cause of marriages falling apart could be as a result of so many factors which some could be; unfaithfulness, trust issues, lack of attention and attraction, lack of good communication and communication skills, financial capability, lack of responsibility, infidelity, time, and even as far as having issues after birth.
A relationship falling apart might be as a result of negligence, an attitude of not counting something as being important. Putting little or no attention into a relationship can easily cause serious disputes in marriage which could lead to the marriage falling apart.
On the other hand, fault might come from either side, as couples sometimes lack knowledge of what could damage their relationship while seeing no fault in their actions until it causes great damage to the relationship.
On another view, neither of the couples may sense anything wrong in their relationship until the fault might have caused a great damage that might be hard to fix.
All these things can make a marriage fall sideways. However, marriage which is still at the stage of falling apart can be easily fixed, but a relationship in marriage that has grown apart might take some time to fix, but still you should have the mindset that there is always a solution to every problem in a relationship if such marriage is based on true love.

Strategies To Fixing a Marriage After Growing Apart

1. Strategies: Both couples need to re-strategize on how to improve their marriage; as to knowing what the challenges faced were, what could and might have caused issues in the first place that led to the break up before reconciliation.
2. Patience: The more couples encourage patience in a relationship, the better chance they have of getting back together. When trying to fix a marriage after growing apart, it is important to exercise a lot of patience because it is quite easy to break a relationship than to amend it.
3. Let sorry be a habit: Learn to say sorry at every point in time; be it when you are wrong or your spouse is. Saying sorry could easily fix a broken marriage. Let sorry be a habit and a part of you that you may feel comfortable to say.
The act of not willing to say sorry to your spouse as a man or a woman in marriage is a sign of pride. However, pride in a relationship is one step away to making a marriage grow apart.
4. You are families not couples: Another thing for couples to understand and why fixing a marriage before/after growing apart is important could easily be as a result of couples picturing and having the mindset that they are couples rather than family.
When you see yourselves as couples, you can easily break a relationship; but when you see yourselves as a family, it is not easy to break such a relationship and fixing a marriage after growing apart will never look difficult to handle.
5. Create space: Sometimes, we need some privacy but it is very hard to ask for as our partners might think we have something hidden that we do not want them to know. Some marriages needed some privacy, and when not given such marriages could eventually grow apart.
6. Break: Fixing a marriage after growing apart could still need a break. At times having a break in marriage could help fix a marriage to its previous and even a better state. Give yourself a break. Give yourselves time to think so as to find a way forward towards the progress of your marriage.
7. Ask questions: Asking your partner questions isn’t a crime in marriage. You ask for the interest of the marriage to grow, but when asking a question in an attempt to fix a marriage after growing apart, it is important to ask rightly. Do not ask at a time when your partner isn’t feeling or willing to answer questions and when asking, ask politely if you really want to fix your relationship.
8. Try old ways: Trying something new is very welcome when trying to fix a marriage after falling apart, but it is also important to not neglect the old ways. Bringing back some of the things done during courtship could help enhance a marriage after couples might have gone their separate ways.
9. Attraction: Many marriages have broken because they do not know how to attract their partners. Your dressing, attitude, charisma, neatness, composure, packaging and more important in marriage, so women do not know the importance of this. To call your partner’s attention is knowing how to attract your man or woman in a relationship.
10. Have a special date: In a way to fix a marriage after growing apart, try some of the old things you have done during courtship because it could help your marriage. Taking your partner on a special date and talking about the time and things you did during courtship, as a bachelor and spinster, could help shield a relationship and help fix a broken marriage.
11. Argument is good; but reconciliation is better. Good things cannot happen if there is no misunderstand. But reconciling and fixing a marriage after couples might have gone their separate ways gives a marriage a new meaning.

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