10 Ways To Handle A Temperamental Partner In A Relationship

Dealing With Temperamental Partner In a Relationship

Dealing with a temperamental partner could be an issue in relationships. It is important to know how to handle a temperamental partner.
Temperamental people are soft hearted and loving, you just need the right tools to handle them. Common problems like being in love with a temperament is to be resolved and not to be escalated into a bigger problem. 
If you can not deal with a temperamental partner in a relationship, do not attempt to marry such person.

Who Is a Temperamental Person?

A temperamental person is a person whose mood suddenly changes at any particular time with or without notice or warning signs. Sometimes temperamental actions are subconscious because the person most times cannot account for what triggers this mood swings.


Is a Temperamental Person Harmful?

Temperamental people are people who easily switch mood. They get pissed off easily with words and actions. A temperamental person usually can not take total control of their emotions, reactions and actions, they act based on instinct, without considering the harm or damage their actions might cause.
Nevertheless, temperamental people are good people and most times genius, loving and caring partners to be with. But when it comes to anger, it might be the other way round to deal with a temperamental partner.
These actions most times aren’t their own will, however because they are weak minded people, they usually allow their emotions to get the better of them indicted of reason.

Temperamental People Are Special Being

Temperamental people are specially and wonderfully made beings from God, you have to handle them with care. Just like everyone else with their unique way of life, so are temperamental people.
Being in love with a temperamental partner isn’t a problem, handling a temperamental person is. Nevertheless if a partner cannot manage a temperamental nature, they could have disagreement often.

Temperamental Partner In a Relationship 

The major problem of being with a temperamental partner in a relationship for many couples is that they do not take their time enough to know their partner so well, while courting.
However, there are couples who know their partner is temperamental, but do not care to change such a partner during courtship, such people get into marriage, and begin to have issues every now and then.
Taking your time to know your partner while still courting is very important. It is the best time to decide for yourselves what you want and what you do not want in your marriage. 

Though, there is no perfect marriage but still taking note of some sensitive things while in courtship, helps to deal with unnecessary conflicts in a relationship. Especially if your partner is a temperamental person.
Take note of this; If you can not deal  with a temperamental person in a relationship, do not attempt to marry such a person, because you will not be able to handle them in marriage. Temperamental people are special and amazing kinds of being to be with, only if you can handle them well.
So many couples in relationships are having issues in dealing with a temperamental partner in marriage, because they didn’t take time to carefully study their spouse during courtship. This has resulted in them not properly managing issues well in their marriage, since they don’t even really know their partner.

Dealing A Temperamental Partner In A Relationship

1. Maturity: What is the definition of maturing? Being older than a person? Well that is not what maturity is. Age isn’t a standard definition for being matured especially in a relationship, but exposure and experience is the true definition of maturity.
In life when you are of age and do not have good and wild experiences and exposure of the good and bad side of life and how to handle certain situations and resolve them to make peace, then you aren’t matured enough to handle a temperamental partner. 
A temperamental  partner will always frustrate you but your experience and exposure to life difficulties will be the factors that will guide you through.
Because your partner is frustrated and puts you under pressure does not mean you should do the same, since you know your partner’s weakness, to be temperamental in nature. You have to be strong to handle such problems in a relationship.
2. Respect Do not Argue: Give room for argument, let a temperamental partner display their talent and skills, respect them for who they are and you will be amazed how much they will give you back your respect, because you know their flaws and weakness and yet you handle them with care. However they might not give you back what you want immediately but with time they will come to see to it.
Give a temperamental partner space when it comes to argument or misunderstanding, you can’t win when dealing with a temperamental person but you have a choice to change and win over them, it is a gradual process.
Let a temperamental person speak his/her mind without you saying a word, because the more you speak the more you trigger the anger in them and it could be violent that you might not be able to handle.
So, why not let them speak, act and do whatever they feel like at that particular time and then later you call their attention to the issues, while they are in a good mood. No matter the age of a temperamental partner, older or younger, you need to respect them for who they are if you really want to change them.
3. Surprise: There is no one who does not love surprises, so as a temperamental partner. Instead of arguing with them, tell them they are right and forget about it even when you know they are wrong.
After some days, come with evidence and prove what result to the argument and prove them wrong. Do this in a romantic way, most importantly when they are in a good mood.
Temperamental people are human and they can reason well, it’s just their nature to get angry and most of them do not like their actions and feel sorry for themselves after they have done the wrongs.
4. True love: how much you love your partner determines how well  you want a positive change in their lives. Be good to them even with their flaws, love them even with their weakness, cherish them at all cost, forgive them for their wrongs because they aren’t the ones doing those things you think they do, they are weak minded.
True love will always stay to help each other to the point of death, accommodate them if they embarrass you in public, your goal is to change them, let them know how much you love them by your actions and words with time, they will come to realise their wrongs.
5. Patience:  If they bring it hot do not take it hot, since you are the one to make the change, then you have to calm yourself enough until you get a positive result in changing a temperamental partner.
Your patience will not speak for you now that you are still dealing with them but gradually you get to see the result, it may take years. Whether you are already married or still in a relationship, you have to take your time to change a temperamental partner.
Call your partner at the middle of the night after he/she is calm. You may not call them to attention that very night, it may be a few days after. Talk to them when they are fully calm.
6. Silence: is a practical way to handle a temperamental partner. One secret about a temperamental person is that they don’t like it when you argue with them, when they are angry.  Another thing a temperamental  person does not like is that they don’t want to be defeated.
To handle a temperamental  person, you need to play along and do the opposite of things they like. The best way is to remain silent. No matter how they react, speak, insult or hurt you, just try as much as possible to stay calm and remain silent.
Infact do as if you are deaf and dumb, you will see what happen next. The temperament in them will suddenly drop. Do this every time and gradually they will get to realise they are fooling themselves because you do not care.
7. Communication skills: With the right communication skills, you can easily make your partner understand issues that might result in conflict in a relationship. A good communication skill is a way of exchanging words without resulting in misunderstanding.
Truly, argument must come up in a relationship which you have to be prepared for, however with the right communication skills, you can easily handle and calm a temperamental partner with good and warm words.
8. Understanding: Knowing that your partner is temperamental in a relationship is a good way to understand what he/she is capable of. Make your partner understand he/she is wrong.
In a way to handle a temperamental partner, with good communication skill you can easily make your partner understand who is at fault. Do not force them to understand your view but with soft words you can handle a temperamental person.
9. Prayer: In everything, in every challenge, in every problem you face in your relationship, prayer is still the most powerful tool to handle problems. Keep praying for your partner, and pray to God for wisdom and patience to help and change the one you love.
10. Hope: As you do all these things to handle temperament, be hopeful for a positive change, do not digress from changing a temperamental partner, your sacrifice may worth the risk at the end, do it with honor, respect and love.

The Solution To Handle A Temperamental Partner

The solution to deal with a temperamental partner is by showing them love. Temperamental people are soft hearted and loving, you just need the right tools to handle a temperamental partner.

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