16 Thoughtful New Relationship Advice For Men

Relationship Advice For Men 

The success and failure of a man in a relationship depends strongly on the kind of women he shares his thoughts with. The same woman who can make you, can also mar you. When starting a new relationship, it is advisable to look for a woman who can help you progress.

As you progress, you should seek the progress of your woman in a relationship

As you progress, you should seek the progress of your woman in a relationship as well because she who supports you stands as a force, pulls you up to greatness.
Just like knowing the relationship advice for ladiesmany relationships fail due to lack of understanding and ignorance, as people spend time doing the opposite of things which ought to be done, leaving the necessities for wants, by taking the fun in the present moment more important and then neglecting what is ahead, starting a relationship for lust rather than love.
A new relationship will never last if these things are done; when you do not have a plan, a purpose, and a vision at the start of a new relationship most especially with your partner, then it will be so difficult to manage it.
1. Wants and necessities: As mentioned above, do not take what is necessary for wants. When you are in a new relationship, make sure you are with a woman who you can have a life time relationship with rather than a short term courtship.
Many people prefer to date because they want a relationship rather than being in a relationship which is necessary. There is a great difference between wants and necessities and you have to understand what it means before starting a new relationship.
2. Plan: Do you have a plan for your new relationship? The purpose of the relationship must be known to a man before starting a new relationship. It is important as a man to plan ahead of a relationship before starting one. Know the kind of woman you are about dating.
3. Vision: Don’t just go into any kind of relationship with any kind of woman. At the start of a new relationship, you can easily detect if it’s a faulty relationship and at the same time you can also fall for a faulty partner. Knowing the sensitive things to talk about in a relationship is very important for relationship growth.
4. Compatibility: Some people are into several relationships and do not know why their relationships fail repeatedly. At the start of a relationship, you can detect if a relationship is going to be successful or not by how compatible you are as a man with your woman.
5. Friendship: Date a lady who is more like a friend. Friendship in a relationship speaks a lot about how far a new relationship will go. A woman who cannot relate with you as a friend is not worth being in a relationship with.
6. Open minded: Sharing your problems with your woman goes a long way into achieving your aim. Learn to be open minded with your partner and do well to listen to and understand each other. Being open minded opens room to ideas and freedom.
7. Time: At the start of a new relationship, time is everything that makes a relationship meaningful. Learn to create time with your partner so as to build a better bond. When there is no time or money in a relationship, it may lead to frustration, which is not healthy at the start of a new relationship.
8. Respect: Give her the respect she deserves. Acknowledge her presence and respect her absence. Respect protects a relationship from misunderstanding that could lead to relationship breakup.
9. Loyalty: Who says a man cannot be loyal to his woman? Being loyal is also a sign of respect in a relationship which is very healthy at the start of a new relationship.
10. Listen to her: Have listening ears; do more listening than talking. This is a good communication skill you should never neglect as a man. Speak little and listen more to your woman.
11. Her feelings: Do not take your woman’s feelings for granted. So many people are in love but their love is being taken for granted. Taking your partners feeling for granted is a bad way to start a new relationship. The feeling might come as a result of anxietywhich is normal in a relationship, but you have to play along with your woman to make her feel relaxed.
12. More decisive: Women do not like a man who cannot ‘hit the nail on the head’ at will. You have the right to decide on so many things in your relationship. The decision you make gives your woman a sign of comfort.
13. Confidence: You are the man. You need to show your woman how confident you are. Building your confidence in a relationship makes woman feel secured and protected.
14. Equality: Let you and your woman have equal rights and access to things in your relationship. Showing a sign of equality without gender discrimination can help a new relationship grow.
15. Perfection: Are you thinking you want a new relationship filled with perfection? If that is it, have it in mind that there is no perfect relationship. Perfection in a relationship is a myth and you must not buy the idea.
16. Work hand in hand: Learn to work together. Anything worth doing together makes a relationship feel alive. Get along and work hand in hand with your woman. You might think you know it all but adding your woman’s ideas and knowledge with yours makes a relationship go a long way.

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