13 Things To Keep In Mind When Starting a New Relationship

The Right Relationship Mindset:

The mindset lovers carry into a relationship determines how successful the relationship can be from the start of a new relationship. Beginning of a relationship can appear in different forms but proper dealings from the start of a relationship helps build a standard.

Keep in mind, the beautiful start of every new relationship does not justify it end.

To be on a safer side, it is important to keep in mind that a relationship has it’s pros and cons. Before starting a new relationship, do have in mind that love affairs come with a great challenge. Facing the problems in relationships rightly is what makes new relationships progress.
New relationship fails because lovers are ignorant of what is ahead in the relationship. Love is beautiful but without basic knowledge of things to keep in mind when starting a new relationship, that could make a relationship frustrating.

Things To Keep In Mind When Starting a New Relationship

1. Perfection: Erase the mindset that you can have a perfect partner or a perfect relationship. There is nothing called perfect in life; only God is perfect and all other things are filled with imperfections, including relationships and the people in it.
Relationships can only be managed by adapting and changing to things you do and do not like in a relationship. But thinking of finding a perfect relationship is impossible.
Do not be fooled by people who always claim their relationship does not have faults. They do have faults but most of those in this kind of faulty relationships prefer to keep their relationships flaws private, mainly because of shame.
2. Prevent issues: Thinking of a ‘problem free’ relationship, when you may try to avert some relationship issues, yet you cannot prevent those issues from surfacing in a relationship? A new relationship could look so calm from the start and you may think that is how it will always be.
The truth is that a new relationship is always charming and peaceful because you are just getting to know each other but when intimacy comes in and you get to know your partners weaknesses and strengths then issues will surface. Always try as much as possible to prevent issues, this greatly helps a new relationship.
3. Flaws revealed: If you are lucky you might not have difficulties at the start of a relationship, but have it in mind that human characters are like smoke, no matter how we cover it, our true attitude will show up some day

Have it in mind that in a new relationship, it is possible to see each other’s fault early enough. However, that does not mean that it is a sign of a bad relationship; it only shows you how prepared you should be to handle situations.
4. Constant Communication: Make sure you are prepared for long term communication. Anxiety in a new relationship results in constant communication. You have to keep in mind that communication is key to a successful relationship. The more you talk to each other, the more intimate you become and the more the bond. Find time and space for good talks.
5. Unexpected: Expect the unexpected. Meeting a new person could be so diverse, you might have a thought about that person but when you get to know such a person you may find an entirely different thing. Appearance is different from reality; so, getting to know a person is different from starting a relationship.
6. Be positive: No matter what you have in mind, or the experiences you might have encountered in your past relationship(s), always be positive in your new relationship. This is a mindset that shields a relationship from break up.
7. Patience: Your partner could have a sort of temperament, bad habits or character. You should have it in mind that nobody is perfect and being patient enough could help change a partner of any kind in a relationship. Patience is the pillar of every relationship.
8. Freedom: In any relationship you find yourself in, make sure you have an equal right to freedom. You are not a slave to anyone. Relationship should be fun between both partners, not a master and slave affair, according to nationalhumanitiescenter “Enslaved women were forced to submit to their masters’ sexual advances”. Any new relationship that you find no freedom is not worth spending to much time in.
9. Time to know a new person: The time to know your partner starts from the onset of a new relationship. Take your time to know your partner. And knowing the sensitive things to talk about in a new relationship could help determine what direction the relationship will take.
10. Friendship: Have it in mind that you are creating a new form of friendship and a bond that could be very strong. Being a friend to your partner is the best way to start a relationship, because it will be easier to share your thoughts and feelings without feeling shy or reluctant.
11. Contentment: While every other thing stays behind, commitment to your new relationship is important. Stay focused and do not over do in order to please anyone. “ follow your heart but use your brain”
12. Your happiness: Have it in mind that you are not in a relationship to please people. Even if you have to, make sure your own happiness is superior to others’. Finding your own happiness should come first before every other thing. There is no point being in a relationship without happiness.
13. Forgiveness: No matter how issues arise, learn to forgive and forget. Forgiveness is not a sin but a godly way to free the mind, which helps uphold a relationship by keeping it moving forward.

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