7 Major Ways To Tell If a New Relationship Is Heading Nowhere

Relationship Is Heading Nowhere

Among every other ways to relationship failure, negligence, anxiety, ignorance are some of the things that makes relationships end fruitless. These are important things to take note of in the beginning of a relationship.
While you are out their busy looking for true love, there are people who are not after true love but likely to hunt you down by hurting your emotions.

Relationship which lacks vision has little or no chance to survive the relationship journey.

The rate at which relationships end unproductive is so alarming in recent years. However, the major reason for a fruitless relationship is that many people are ignorant of some sensitive things when starting a new relationship.
Starting a new relationship could lead to the biggest mistakes for so many lovers who are finding true love and a serious relationship, as they fail to understand what measure to be taken when in a new relationship.

In Love With a Cheating Partner

This cheats are people who are after lust rather than love, and they find every means to take advantage of you at all cost, as they try to pretend to be faithful and sincere with you, while still hoping you fall for their flirty love.
They do everything to satisfy you as a prove to show how much they love you, whereas, they are toying with your emotions as they notice you are weak minded.
Weak minded and soft hearted people are the easiest people to fall into a failed relationship from the inception of a new relationship. When a relationship is point at the wrong signals from the onset, you have the right to back-off and look elsewhere.
Many people find it hard to breakup a new relationship while noticing some strange signs that show a relationship is heading nowhere, however, what they fail to understand is that, what they try to ignore will always come back to hunt them at a time they less expect.

Ways To Tell If a New Relationship Is Heading Nowhere

1. Demand for sex: This is one of the most common problem in a relationship – most especially in a new relationship. When sex is demanded in a new relationship, then there is high tendency that such relationship will eventually end nowhere when you try so hard to protect it. Protecting a relationship that has no value to your partner is worthless. Encouraging premarital sex at the start of a new relationship is a totally failed relationship.

This is most applicable to ladies. Do not be fooled when a guy tells you that a love without sex will not shield or make a relationship solid – that is a false truth.
When relationship is based on sex, or when sex become a norm in a relationship, such relationship value is lost. Because you have given a cheating partner what he wants and he may not value you.
2. Demand for money: Money is important in a relationship but shouldn’t be the foundation to a relationship, just like demanding for sex in a new relationship. Any new relationship where a partner keeps demanding for money has little tendency to be fruitful. When sex and money become the basis of a relationship, such a relationship might end up worthless with time.
In a new relationship, a serious partner who is truly in love will not bother about either sex or money, but will always find a way to make such relationship grow.
One of the ways to determine if a new relationship will be meaningful at the end is to know the sensitive things to talk about in a new relationship.
3. Less commutation: Starting a new relationship journey with less communication is a disaster. Communication should be the key to opening new doors and knowing your partner more better. However, the mistakes many lovers make is that they might have made sex or money the foundation of their relationship.
When a relationship is based on sex or tasted premarital sex affair, such a relationship gradually losses its value. And the more value lost, the less important and less communication it gets.
So, when you are in a relationship that you observe you struggle to communicate with your partner without a concrete reason or prove from you partner, for the reason of the lost in communication, that relationship might eventually end nowhere.
4. Avoiding You: A partner that keeps avoiding you in a new relationship or at the midway of a relationship journey might have taken great advantage of you at the start of a relationship journey. Having a better understanding of the start, midway and end of a relationship journey might help a relationship fruitfully end into a successful marriage.
5. No Purpose: A new relationship without correlating plan is a waste of time. It is important that most lovers understand the purpose or why they are in love, so as to know how to plan ahead.
So many relationships do not have a purpose; and while some do have a purpose, most of the many purposes are based on lust rather than true love. And a relationship with no meaningful purpose is a failed one.
6. No Vision: Just like purpose is important to make a new relationship successful, having a similar or same vision with your partner is a way to shield a relationship from breakup.
Keeping in mind that a relationship which lacks vision has little or no chance to survive the relationship journey, vision quotes might help you understand what vision is and how it helps in a successful life. Vision is a path that leads lovers through the road to a successful and happy marriage.
7. Cheating: In love with a flirting partner is a total distraction and disaster to a new relationship and could also become a major problem in marriage if in some ways you eventually get married to such person.
Being in love with a cheat is a ‘No No’ to a meaningful relationship. It will be hard to enjoy such relationship and might make a relationship frustrating. If you truly want a good relationship and want your relationship to successfully lead to marriage, do not start a relationship with a partner who cheats, it is better to breakup such relationship at the start than when it is deep.
Most of these things are major things that lead a new relationship to breaking up. But anxiety, negligence and ignorance will not make most of the people who find true love take note of this things.
It is better to know and take caution on this major downside before starting a new relationship than letting it break you down while you are deeply in love with a partner who is in lust.

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