How To Solve disputes In Relationship And Conflict In Marriage

Resolving Relationship Issues

Misunderstanding will always surface in marriage and disputes can not be completely eradicated. You may try to resolve disputes in a relationship and avoid marriage ending in problems, however issues will always arise, but knowing the right way to successfully put an end to issues is key to keep a successful relationship.  

Do not blame yourselves for your misfortunes and think you are in a relationship with a wrong partner. The truth you must know is that this is not a mistake but fate and a test of time which applies to every living creature on earth, no one is exempted.
You may try to avoid a relationship which will always cause you worries, as you try to find a perfect partner to marry. You might be lucky to find one by chance, but you should also know that thousands of people have also tried the way you do and even do better than you, but still, they failed in marriage.

The Imperfection In Relationship 

Do not get it wrong, that does mean you should not try, you can always try but also have it at the back of your mind that there is nothing called a perfect relationship. Since humans are not perfect so are every individual full of Imperfections.
This imperfections is what brings about disputes in a relationship and also causes conflicts in marriages. Actually you might think you can avert or avoid conflict in marriage, but the truth is that there is no relationship without its own shortcoming.
You can only try as much as you can to do your best to reduce, subside the level of dispute in a relationship, however ,it is not possible to have a marriage without misunderstandings and conflicts.
Now that you know that finding a perfect partner in a relationship without disagreement and a marriage without conflict is impossible, you should then come to understand that any relationship with issues you find yourself isn’t a cause from no one.

Marriage with conflict isn’t a disaster, but a natural way of life that every man can not run away from. Disputes are bound to happen in every relationship and conflict in every marriage is inevitable.
Note that; in every relationship, you must disagree not to disagree, but disagree to agree. Since everyone in life comes from a different family with different upbringing, home training, environmental difference, social life, background and more, then we will always see things in different ways.
Even biologically related siblings fight each other. So how much more the people from different family backgrounds.
1. Different Aim: Being in a relationship does not mean two people are after the same goal, No, it is way far than this and this is why couples find it so hard to resolve conflict in relationship, however, it is better to know at the early stage to unaware cause of conflict in marriage while in courtship before embarking on marriage, and if you are married it is important to know this as well.
2. Perfect love: However, there is one thing that makes the imperfect perfect in a relationship, marriage and in life as a whole; that thing is the reason you have been taking your time to be part of relationship shield.
You may say; but we are in a relationship and we love each other. Well the truth of the matter is that you can be in a relationship without love, rather you might be in a relationship because you are in love and your partner is in lust or vice versa.
The only thing that bound imperfections to become perfect in its own world is love, and for this reason is why you should know it is very possible to resolve disputes in your relationship, and even resolve conflict in your marriage.
Love is the only thing that can make your relationship seem perfect, even when such a relationship is no where close to perfection.
Have you ever wondered why you love your parents and why your parents always love you the more even when you hurt them and after they have corrected you the hard way?
Have you ever wondered why you are always forgiven for your wrongs, and also why your partners forgive you for your past mistakes? All is because of the love they have for you.
However, there is a greater love which is the love of God for mankind, be it you are a believer of God or not. You should have the feeling that there is a greater love of man, which is far greater than which we give to ourselves as human.

Disputes Facts In Shielding Relationship

This love is what binds us together and more reason why love stands and supersedes every other thing. Do you know that if you truly love your partner and your partner loves you as much as you do. You would have little or no room for disputes in your relationship and even as far as having conflict in marriage.
So, have this at the back of your mind, and also hold this word tightly to your heart, “ If a relationship is committed to love by both partners, conflict in marriage will occur because you are both in love and it will never take long to resolve disputes in such a relationship because you are in love”.
Another fact I would like you to understand is that; when there is disputes between two lovers who are strongly in love, this is needed at every point in time, because it is what makes a relationship grow stronger.
The reason for this is not far fetched. You will always feel sorry for each other, you will also have different feelings about your partner, about how hurt they are, you will not even want to hurt each other the more, you will always want to go back to the old ways.
Both partners will always feel like saying sorry, even when they know who is wrong, no wonder it is said that ‘love is not proud’. learning to love, forgive and forget is the only true sure way to resolve relationship disputes while other things follow.
3. Communication And Understanding: When there is love, resolving disagreement in relationships will be easier. With good communication skills in a relationship, you can easily win your partners heart while resolving relationship disputes. A partner who is not proud to say ‘sorry’ could easily win his or her partners heart.
Soft words also help in resolving conflict in marriage, though sometimes you have to be hard so you can be heard but it is most important you are soft hearted.
For couples in marriage, when you are facing problems in marriage, you have to firstly hear your partner out before you say your mind. Let your partner say whatever is in his or her mind before you say what is in yours.
However it is always a good and warm welcome to let a lady speak first before you as a man. This is a way to give your relationship a good meaning, it also helps in resolving issues quickly.
Since you are the one trying to resolve a relationship dispute, then you should be the one to speak after your partner might have spoken.
4. Respect and Value: Do not discriminate or humiliate your partner because you are way superior than they are. The value of giving respect in a relationship is far greater than any other thing. When you respect yourselves, it is easier to forgive one another.
One important value that respect holds is that people will give you respect only when you respect yourselves, respecting yourself means you easily get respect from your partner. Respect alone shows a great sign of maturity in a relationship, Being respectful of your partner could make a relationship last and also easier to resolve relationship disputes.
Respect and communication is very key to resolving conflict in marriage and disputes in relationships, but without true love within both partners there is little or no way forward.

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