9 Ways To Tell If A Partner Is Cheating In A Relationship

Cheating In A Relationship:

A partner can be a cheat and pretend to be faithful and on the other hand a lover can show sign of faithfulness but still have a love affair outside of a relationship. To tell if a partner is cheating in a relationship is a complicated issue which have to be addressed.

Those who cheat in relationship are very corny set of people. They maliciously manipulate and trick people to fall for their lies.

There is no accurate way to tell if your boyfriend is cheating on you in a relationship, or whether your girlfriend is a cheat. All assumptions of a lover having a love affair outside of a relationship is based on intuition.
Detecting a partner who engage in love affair outside of a relationship cannot be known easily but can be determined by so many factors and reasons – through signs, body language, attitude, character, emotions and many more.
To tell if a partner is unfaithful in a relationship, is to notice that most things that give a relationship happiness have been stolen, taking away, changed or replaced by the opposite.

Impact of trust issues 

However, focusing on the wrong signs, to believe and having the mindset that your partner is cheating on you, could be disastrous on the long run and may even break a relationship because it is a thing of ‘lack of trust’.
Since humans are very complicated being, it is hard to read a partner who is cheating in a relationship. However, to determine a faithful partner at times might be more complicated than such. But that does not connote that we can not at least know some of the factors that tell whether a partner is a cheat or not.
On the other hand, what look good to you might not look the same in a lovers eyes. We all see things in different ways and that could easily cause confusion in a relationship.
To tell if a partner is faithful in a relationship is to know the level of their faithfulness. However, looking for a way to tell if your partner is faithful or not is a sign of trust issues in a relationship.
While it is better to avoid knowing whether a partner is a cheat or not, it is advisable to focus more on how to make a relationship successful. But it is as well understandable that when we find no happiness in a relationship there is no way we can make a relationship successful.
Be it as it may, finding your own happiness in a relationship should be your ultimate goal because the world we live in has made relationships so complicated that true love’s traded for monetary value.
Now that it is hard and almost impossible to make a relationship successful, even when we try to overlook a partner who cheats in a relationship, it is important to know how to tell whether your boyfriend/girlfriend is faithful in a relationship or cheating.
Those who cheat in relationship are very corny set of people. They maliciously manipulate and trick people to fall for their lies; they are good at what they do and always find a way out of their problems; they give unnecessary excuses and many of their lovers complain a lot while they have a secret love affair outside of the relationship.

Ways To Tell If A Partner Is Cheating In A Relationship

1. Excuses: A partner who cheats will always give unnecessary excuses about almost everything. A partner who cheats will never come out straight, instead he/she will always find excuses to everything. For instance, forming busy always; if you ask such partner why they haven’t call, they will always claim they are busy with stuffs.
Yes! Naturally, anybody can get busy at anytime but when there is true love between two lovers, being busy can not and should not be an excuse for not being available for each other. It is by nature that we humans claim to be busy to those we do not want to interact with at a particular time.
2. Loss of communication: If a partner who communicates, calls and chats with you frequently suddenly change, or you notice less communication, then you should know that there is something fishy.
Communication is vital in a relationship and the moment a partner lacks communication in a relationship, it is the beginning of the end to such relationship.
Lack of communication in a relationship is like planting a seed and not watering it; such relationship is fruitless. When you notice your partner does not call as usual without reasonable reason for his/her actions, then there is a problem in such relationship.
3. Pretence: A partner who cheats is always full of pretence. They pretend like they do not have idea of what is actually going wrong in the relationship; they pretend like everything is fine while they know so many things are wrong but will rather not speak of it, since they are taking advantage of you and they find their own happiness in the relationship by cheating on you. Such a cheating partner will have little or less concern about your own personal happiness.
4. Loss of interest: At this point, it is easier to tell if a lover is cheating on you in a relationship as it will always look like you are forcing yourself on such partner. Nothing will ever interest a cheating partner.
No matter how you try to impress and attract such a person, they will always fall short or show loss of interest. That thing they saw in you that once gave them joy will actually fade away as they attach and get more acquainted to the love affair they have outside of the relationship.
5. Complain: You do not know how to do things again; everything you do will always fall on the wrong side, and most things you do in the relationship will always piss a cheating partner off. A partner who has a love affair outside of a relationship will always complain at almost everything.
6. Aggression: Another vital sign that tells if a partner is cheating is how aggressive they have become, so as to pressurize you into giving up on the relationship. Most cheating partners will always take advantage of you at any point in time. A cheating partner will not want to lose at both side, so they rather keep you in the relationship while they have a love affair outside of a relationship.
7. Unnecessary argument: Ha! This one is an ache. When you notice your partner constantly picking up unnecessary issues to argue on, arguments that are not worth arguing about, it is a sign that such relationship is faulty and may never become fruitful.
8. Pick up a fight: A cheating partner will always try to pick up a fight so as to make the relationship frustrating for you. The funniest part of it all is that,  when you ask a cheat if he/she is tired of the relationship, many of them who see you as an asset, will still want to take advantage of you. This happens mostly when a relationship is based on sex. A cheating partner will never say they are tired, instead they will give you unnecessary excuses.
9. Avoiding: A cheat will always try as much as possible to avoid you. They will only seek your attention if they are in need of something you have at your possession at a given time. After they have gotten what they want they flee again and start behaving strange.

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