6 Ways To Handle Jealous Partner In Relationship

Being A Jealous Person:

Being in love with a jealous partner in relationship isn’t a problem but failing to know how to deal with jealousy is a problem ending a relationship into breakup.
Just like dealing with a temperamental partner in relationship, so it is similar to change a jealous partner, jealousy is also a common problem in marriage that has led so many couples into frustration, depression and even divorce in marriage.

Among other things, Jealousy out of curiosity is a damage to relationship.

There are different people with different personalities, and being in love with a jealous partner is one of the major problems lovers encounter in relationships, if not handled right before and in marriage.

 Who Is a Jealous Person?

A jealous person is a person who feels insecure, resulting in lack of trust and unfaithfulness in a relationship. A jealous person is most times after his/her own selfish interest rather than the interest of both partners in a relationship.
Jealousy can consist of one or more psychological issues such as anger, resentment, inadequacy, helplessness or disgust. According to Wikipedia

Effect of Jealousy

However temperament and anger are inseparable. This means that jealousy enhances temperament and as a result it triggers anger. Dealing with a person who is jealous is more or less handling a partner who is both jealous and hot tempered in nature.
There is great damage jealousy can cause in a relationship. knowing what you should and should not tell a jealous partner is very key to keeping a relationship safe, because a jealous partner is insecure and will never trust you no matter how truthful and faithful you are in a relationship.
However, being in love with a jealous partner is not a crime, but failing to handle such a partner rightly is where the problem is in a relationship, because with the wrong approach you might lose your relationship in a short period of time.
A temperamental partner may not be a jealous person, on the other hand a jealous person could be jealous and at the same time temperamental which is an unhealthy sign in a relationship.
A temperamental person could still be easily handled and could easily change if you know the right way to handle him/her, however if a person is jealous and temperamental at the same time, such a person may seem difficult to handle in a relationship..

How To Handle a Jealous Partner

To handle a partner who is jealous, it is important to first treat and deal with such a person’s temperament. After dealing with that, then you can focus on their jealous way of life.
So many relationships have been ruined due to jealousy ,and the inability to deal with such a jealous and insecure partner has led so many promising relationships into sudden breakup.
When a partner feels insecure in a relationship, such a relationship will never make progress, because it is vulnerable to be attacked by trust issues and unfaithfulness, doubt and lack of commitment among other things.

There Are Two Type Of Jealousy

1. Jealousy out of curiosity
2. Jealousy out of true love.
It might look surprising to you that jealousy could be classified into types, yes it can, this is a research discovered by relationship shield. With our findings, collections and experience we have come to realise that jealousy in a relationship can be classified.
1. Jealousy out of curiosity: This is the most damaging type of jealousy, but does not really look obvious and most people tend to mix it up with jealousy out of true love, because they are much alike.
Jealousy out of curiosity is self centered. It is a natural way of feeling insecure in a relationship while acting on past life relationship experience. This makes a partner act childish and immature, a jealous partner of this kind will never want to see his partner with any opposite sex, greeting, talk, chatting with anyone or making friends with people he/she does not know.
If you are in a relationship with a jealous partner of this kind, you need to be very careful because they can embarrass you in public. They will always do things that when you get to finally realise why they act so weird, it will be very difficult to find a single sense in their actions to why they did so.
Naturally, humans can be jealous, when they are in love but for a jealous partner who possesses jealousy out of being curious, it is self centered. This set of people will always feel insecure, they will tell you to your face that they do not trust you, yet they claim to love you.
2. Jealousy out of true love: This is the natural way of love, anyone who is jealous about you is actually in love with you. They have no negative feelings but they just want to be around you, they need more of your attention, time, calls, protection, and more.
Their being jealous is not out of feeling insecure, but they just want more and more of you, if it is possible to spend a whole year with you and with no one else intruding they will never mind. 
The Damage
This kind of love is actually shocking and could make a relationship frustrating or end up in boredom and frustration. Actually, a jealous partner will never see it this way until the relationship is ruined by their own selfish interest.
Handling a Jealous Partner
Just as handling a temperamental partner, dealing with a jealous partner is almost the same.
1. Patience: Handling a jealous partner needs a lot of patience. If you are not a patient person, please do not get married or be in a relationship with a partner who is jealous. You might end up in regret later on in life, also remember, marriage is a life time engagement and commitment. Think well before you choose.
A jealous partner will always frustrate you, and might push a man to practice battering in a relationship, because the more the pressure on him the more wild a man becomes, even if you aren’t a violent person, a jealous partner could make you become violent.
2. Responsibility: Knowing that your partner is a jealous person is to take the responsibility to change such person You need to be able to carry the responsibility to accommodate the insult and shame from a jealous partner,if you can not take it as a responsibility to handle a jealous person, do not date such or think of getting married.
3. Counselling: Seek advice from relationship counsellor.I have mentioned this before, there is a great difference between a pastor and a counsellor. Do not say because your pastor said, you should follow. Be wise in making decisions and when listening to advice,apply wisdom. Calling is different, a person who is called to be a fisher of men can not be a tailor.
4. Silence: As it applies to temperament in relationship so as it is to jealousy in relationship. Silence demoralizes disputes in relationships and in life in general. A jealous partner will always want you to act violence with their actions. So it is important to learn to keep silent to every action.  
5. Faithfulness: Showing a jealous partner how faithful you are in a relationship could help handle relationship frustration. But while dealing with a jealous partner out of being too curious as you have read according to the type of jealous person we have classified might not solve the problem but you need to try.
6. Prayer: Every good and bad thing in life needs prayer. While hoping to change a jealous partner,it is important that you pray.
However, for a single man or woman who is still courting and hoping to get married soon, but having difficulties with your partner, it is important to know the importance of courtship before marriage so he has to guide you through the journey ahead of your relationship.
In conclusion, as you have read about how to handle and change a temperament partner, the steps are also a great way to change or handle a jealous partner because they are intimate.

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