Why Men Play With Ladies Intentions And Emotions In Relationship

Intentions played:

Many relationship has failed and marriages has being broken as many ladies intentions are being payed with, paying with a ladies intention could lead to emotion disorderliness resulting to depression and may lead to sudden death.

Are your intentions played with; among other questions, a question to ask yourself when your intentions are being played with is is, am I a lady or a woman, and how much do you know yourself?
Defining and knowing who you are, could easily determine why men play with your intentions.
I know this may look strange but the truth is that, if you don’t know your stand, then there will be problem.You may get to meet men who play with ladies emotions.

Effect of Intention being played with

Intention and emotions are inseparable. So when a man plays with your intentions, he is actually playing with your emotions. Emotions on the other hand is connected to so many things, your feelings, care, love, passion, decision making, action, reactions, discharge, and many more.
When intention are played with, it could result in emotional disorder which majorly affect the mind.
Emotional disorder could cause a disconnect between the mind and body. When your body and mind fail to interact with each other, then there could be a serious problem.
Mind and body are the component that make up you and other people. They always interact well. The effect of a man playing with a woman emotions could result in emotional disorder, as a result of distress, discomfort, mood swing, self humiliation, inferiority complex, depression,emotional disorder and ultimately death.
So if a man takes advantage of you and play with your mind, intentions and emotions, He is in a way looking forward to make you feel all the above effects of emotional disorder and ultimately wants you dead.
I bet you do not want to die right? So you should ask yourself what are you doing wrong or what make men play with your intentions that could cost your emotional trauma.
However emotional disorderliness isn’t the end of life but a way to get stronger and learn from life. Try to eat healthy meals, get some exercise and get enough sleep. Making time to do things you enjoy will help you keep your stress levels in check, says Apa 

What Went Wrong
1. Who you are: knowing who you are goes a long way in shielding your relationship. Are you a woman or a lady? There is a great difference in you being a woman and you being a lady.
If you see yourself as a lady and you are willing to have a fruitful relationship, then you are nowhere close. But if you see yourself as a woman who look forward to getting ready for marriage, then it means you are actually preparing yourself for a fruitful relationship that could lead to marriage.
Men notice this in every lady they come across, to most men your first impression shows it all, and to some men, they take their time to study you, as they will not want to judge you based on their first impression of you, however with time, you will fall into their hands as you gradually lose guard.
2. Who are you in love with: Are you dating a like minded person or a different person who does not understand your language? The mistakes ladies and women make is that they go after men that do not have an idea of what they want, as most men go after lust rather than love.
And this is not most men fault, as some faithful ladies end up with men of this caliber. Most men believe that ladies prefer money than true love as they intend to trade their body for money.
Note: Before you can find or know the right partner for yourself, you must at first know who you are and know what you want, so as to avoid men playing with your intentions.
To better understand the difference and reason why you should be a woman rather than a lady, and why it is good to know the kind of man you are dating, weather you are dating a boy or a man is to know the importance of courtship, why spinster and bachelor end up with the wrong partner
3. Ladies Enjoy Life: ladies emotions are greatly influenced by what they do, especially young ladies who are in their prime and believe life is best enjoyed at their 16 – 20’s and anything beyond that age does not count, but not until you get to your 30’s and your intentions are still played with, you will know the value of building a good foundation in early years.  
You will not want to be a slay queen and think of a responsible man to go after you, instead that man will see you as an advantage and take good use of it. Do not let your life look like a slay queen who just repented.
Actually for ladies and young adult who think of this is right and on the other hand totally wrong. infact the wrong side of it is what looks more damaging but it is painful that most ladies do not see caution to this at their early stage in life, instead they enjoy life as it comes and neglect the pain and damage it could cause and lead to.
Enjoying life at your prime is not a bad thing to do, but a wrong way to build a good life in the coming years. Your youth age should be a time to build a foundation for yourself, a time to add value and gain more experience, but it is so shameful that most young ladies do not think about this rather, they choose to have fun, go clubbing, spend more time with friends, gossiping and spend time on social media network posting pictures of themselves, following celebrities who have already made names for themselves. Gradually, they become addicted to the internet as social media becomes a place to go insane.
4. Lady with no vision: Who wants to marry a woman with no vision? I bet no reasonable man will think about that, not to talk of going as far as getting married to a lady of such class rather, men will choose to play with your intentions than getting married to you.
Even the men who get married to women with no vision blame themselves later in life, as they struggle with life to cope with such women, no man will want to marry a liability.
5. Liability: Liability does not necessary mean a jobless person, liability goes as far as being useless to oneself, and when a lady is useless to herself, she passes the havoc to her man.
You can have a good job, and be wealthy,but still you can be a liability, A woman who does not have the in depth knowledge of what is right and wrong becomes a liability to her man. A woman who can not think for herself becomes a liability.
A woman who is always dependent become a ability. A woman who fails to listen to correction becomes a liability to her man.
Being a liability could also go as far as becoming a problem to a man, in a way that he can not share his problem with you and hope to get a solution or reasonable answer.
The fact is that most reasonable men who are ready to settle down for marriage, go into a relationship with the intention to have a woman who they can reason with and solve problems with, but when they find that you are not up to this standard during the time of courtship,they see you as an advantage and end up playing with your intentions.
Men love women with vision, and could do anything to marry a woman who has the same or similar vision as them, having a vision show that you have a plan, you have something you are aiming at, a vision show a sign of promising future.
Women who possess the same or similar vision with a man could easily make a man grow and become successful, because they reason alike and share same ideology , they see things in similar way and could easily find solution to their challenges.
The beauty of a Man and woman with the same or similar vision in a relationship is that they spend most of the time together, trying to figure out how to find solutions to their problem, as they do this, This add value to their relationship and makes it stronger day by day.
It is easier to build a relationship with a partner who has the same or similar vision with you The more time you spend together to reason, the more inclined you become and the bond between you two,becomes even more strengthened.
To avoid your intentions and emotions being played with, is to become a woman who can take responsibility, who has great vision. Build yourself to become a woman and not a lady.

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