Why it is Important To Give Respect And Be Respected In Relationship

Give Respect Take Respect:

Life is a give and take process. It is either you give and you receive in return or you receive and you give back. So also in relationships, you give respect to take respect.
Do you feel you are not getting the respect you deserve in your relationship? It might be that you do not give respect to take respect. I know you may not know why your lover fail to give you the respect you deserve, but there is a question you may need to ask yourself. Do you give respect to take respect?

Many relationship are unbalanced majorly because the relationship lack respect. So many relationships and marriages are shattered, because both partners do not understand the value of respect in relationships.
The process to give respect and take respect is a natural way to shield relationship but people fail to understand this as a principle in relationship, instead they act on their own intuition and knowledge which at the end breakup relationship.

 Dominant Place

Some people think that taking the dominant place in a relationship command respect, but that is not true in many cases because dominating a relationship does not in any way command respect.
Relationship shouldn’t be a one sided love affair, but many people who are in a relationship do not understand this part of relationship affair.
This mostly occur among the men, by nature man love to be respected even without having what it takes to command respect, on the other hand it is also by nature that woman wish to be cherished and loved.
But it is so painful that most couples and lovers fail to understand this. Yes, it is true that men love to be respected and women wish to be cherished and loved, but doing this alone can not shield a relationship.
When trying to shield a relationship,you must understand that being loved, cherished and cared for will not totally give a better result than when both partners respect each other so dearly.
The logic to a successful relationship and a happy home is respect, give respect and take respect. When you give respect to your lover in respective of the gender, age or class, your partner in return will give you the respect you deserve.
However, there are so many commotion in terms of respect in relationship, this is the major mistake people make when they find it hard to correct their homes, or trying to amend issues in a relationship.

 Wrong Orientation

The first reason why people fail at their relationships when it comes to respect is that , people carry the mindset that men deserves all the respect in a relationship and also believe the male are always superior and the female are inferior in terms of respect in relationship.
This is where many marriages get broken. The foundation during courtship and the mindset is set on believing that men are superior to women. If you ask me who is superior in a man or a woman, naturally a man is superior to a woman but do not have anything to do with respect in relationship.
Anybody and everybody deserves respect no matter the age, gender or class one might be in a relationship. We all need to give respect to take respect.

 Believe and mindset

Some people believe that money command respect, and to dominate a relationship is to have the financial capacity to cater for a relationship. This where many lovers have gotten it all wrong.
Money can not buy respect in a relationship and I will prove it to you. You can use money to buy every other thing you wish for, but when you think of buying true love with money, then you have missed it and you might end up losing your relationship to a poor man.
Money is vital and essential in relationship, but when money seem to be your power or source of confidence to building your relationship as to command respect you desire,then be prepared to either be with the wrong partner who will frustrate you to death if one way or the other you get broke, or leave you for a poor man who understands the value for respect rather than value for money in a relationship.
“Believing that money can build a relationship is like building a mansion in a swam. Even if you use all the finest of materials to build such house, sooner or  later, it will collapse and it might be without warning”.

 Wrong Ideology

Some people have the ideology that when they are in a relationship, being respected is a way of building a sort of confidence in themselves and a way to make and to create fear in their partner, because of this, they try to create fear in their partner in the wrong way.
As a result of creating fear in their partner they indulge themselves in wife battering, an unpleasant way of molesting a woman. What this kind of men seems to forget, is that a man beating his woman is a sign of weakness and a sort of mental illness.
When a man beats his woman, it does not show a sign of respect but shows a great sign of weakness. Such a man can not defend his woman. When a man continuously beats his wife, it wouldn’t be long before value will be lost in such relationships.

What Need To Be Done

To be respected is to respect others irrespective of who they are. The more you give respect the more you become respected. Give respect and take respect, it is as simple as that.

What A Man Should Know

For a man, give respect to your woman because she deserve being respected. She is your lover and the respect you give to her is what people we look at and as well respect her. The more you respect your woman as a man, the better the value of your relationship becomes.
A woman who is well respected by a man will always feel loved and cherished even without spending much on her. She will always protect you at all cost, or do you think a woman can not protect a man? Well, I think it high time to know this.
A woman can be a man’s protection in a very powerful way The fact is ‘when a man believes so much on his strength and fail to protect his home, a woman uses her mental strength and intelligence to direct a mans path’ much reason why a woman deserves to be respected.
To botress this point, A man who tries to protect is relationship is like a footballer on the field who cant see his own mistakes and weakness. A woman in the relationship is the coach who is outside of the pitch who see your mistakes and weakness and tell you how to direct your path.
This is why they said two heads are better than one. Point cleared!


What A Woman Should Know

Give respect and take respect that is the principle to avoid being disregarded and being disrespected in a relationship. Learn to understand that respect is value in relationships, and by respecting your man you are indirectly building a value for yourself which a normal man will notice. Only a man who is not mentally balance will never notice, in this case such man actually need help.
The truth is that every man love wants to be respected. If a woman is older than the man in a relationship, in every way the man deserves to be respected, infact kill him with respect and let him get fed up. He is yours and there is nothing he can do about it, he may not like it but he will love you the more and give respect you deserve.
Lastly never mind what people say about your intense level of respect you give your man. If your man appreciates it, then who are the people, you own your man and you have the right to make him happy and he too make you happy in return. For a health relationship, both lovers should in every way respect each other, give respect and take respect. 

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