9 Ways To Resolve Unaware Cause Of Conflict In Marriage

Conflict In Marriage:

Marriage without dispute is naturally a failed marriage. It may look like it is only your relationship that faces conflict in marriage among your contemporaries, but the truth is you are not alone, because a lot of  couples have challenges in their marriage.

Every marriage must face its own challenges, every couple has to carry their own cross as to accept or deny to confront their conflict in marriage. Many couples you see experiencing the good life in marriage are only showing the good side of their marriages because they do not want to be mocked, if you look deep you will notice conflict in marriage isn’t for a particular couple but a general issue in marriage.

Experiencing difficulties in marriage may look challenging After fighting to survive a courtship which comes before marriage, hoping to find peace in marriage, many couples still end up experiencing so much heartache in your marriage. 

Causes of Conflict in Marriage

The causes of conflict in marriage may vary from one marriage to another. For every conflict there is always a cause to every problem that arises. Finding marriage in conflict might hurt, but not harmful, if you take note of the cause of conflict early enough either before marriage or after being married.

Surviving  several relationship heartbreaks with so many years of unwanted experiencein one or more relationships, during courtship could be very hurtful. Most people thought the heartbreak, unfaithfulness and all sorts of things that lead to relationship failure are over once they get married. 

There are several stages in relationship and marriage life, everyday you have to learn one thing or the other with or without peace of mind. 

Now it comes as a shock to many and as a surprise to see that marriage is just the beginning of a test to relationship heartbreak. So many marriages are staggering as they find their home imbalanced with so many flaws.
1. Anxiety to get married: The urge to get married, while giving less attention to what conflict you might face in marriage is a great disaster upon couples in marriage, Taking your time to know your spouse before marriage is very important and knowing your partner’s level of faithfulness is very key to resolving conflict in marriage.  

2. You didn’t learn enough in courtshipCourtship is a very sensitive part of a relationship that could easily determine how successful a marriage will be. How well do you understand your spouse, when you understand fully well the importance of courtship before marriage, the level of having conflict in marriage and resolving disputes is positive because you know at what length your partner could go.

3. Parent lesson: Your parent marriage experience should teach you a great lesson, because you are opportuned to see the realities of marriage. You should take this as an opportunity and learn everyday so you will not make similar mistakes.

Starting from your home while you are with your family, I mean while you are with your parentsyou gradually learn about life and most importantly on how to build your own relationship and sort conflict in marriage when you eventually get married. 

One way or the other, you should observe what they do, what result to conflict in their marriage, how they settle it, and most importantly how they let go of their dispute in marriage while the marriage kept surviving.

These experiences in your parent marriages are what you should hold on to, and never let what causes this conflict in their own marriage, affect yours while you are ready or in marriage.

4. Level of dominanceIf you can not make peace with your siblings, organize the family, give respect and take respect, settling disputes amicably with your parentssiblings, among friends, have a good reputation in the public and workplace, it will be quite difficult to manage your marriage. It is no longer a doubt to believe that charity begins right from the home. The way you organize yourself will speak for you when you are with your own family.

5. Little Marriage experiences: Before marriage, you should see so many marriage experiences with other people, these experiences are meant to guide and teach you how you should be prepared to face your own marriage conflict when you eventually get into one.

People’s marriage experiences might be good and on the other hand might be brutal. This is the best time to learn and ground yourself on how to build your home and resolve disputes in your marriage. 

Do not make jest of couples with marriage flaws, instead learn and gradually build your own home. Do not wait until you get married before you start building momentum to build a happy marriage, you start now while you have the whole time in the world, because there will be a time when time will be against you.

6. Study your spouse: If you are in a marriage as we speak, it is still not too late to put an end to resolve conflict in marriage. Take your time to study your spouse, know what your spouse wants, know your partner likes and dislikes, know his/her strengths and weaknesses.

Your partner’s weaknesses should be your strengths, your weapon and your way of penetrating into resolving conflict in your  marriage, it shouldn’t be what you mock about, be wise about this”.

7. Made the wrong choice:  Because you are not observant enough in the time of courtship, now that you face conflict in marriage, you think you have made the wrong choice? 

Anyways the truth is, you always think you have made the wrong choice because you were not confident enough of the love in the relationship at the time of courtship before marriage. Change your mindset about your partner being a wrong choice and you are good to resolve your marriage conflict. 

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8. Unexpected marriage: You are married to your spouse by a sort of mistake. This mostly is as a result of an unwanted pregnancy. Well the truth is, any marriage of this kind will always be filled with marriage disputes, because you did not take your time to know your spouse so well during courtship. However, it is never too late to turn things around.

Make your partner understand that the reason for so much conflict in your marriage, is mainly because you do not know yourselves so well in courtship, and then gradually try to build yourselves and know each other better, with time your disputes will gradually be resolved.

9. Too young for marriage: You might think you are too young to get married. Well marriage is not about the age, or how old you are, but how matured and well experienced you are. This is what determines the success of your marriage. Age shouldn’t stand as a barrier or cause conflict in marriage but experience should.

Resolving Conflict In Marriage

Having difficulties in marriage is normal but not taking the right step to resolve the causes of conflict in marriage is what should be at the top of your mind. Every marriage is faced with their own challenges, but knowing how to resolve the conflict in marriage is important. 

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Disputes in marriages could come in form of disagreement, disappointment, misunderstanding, trust issues, unfaithfulness, and more. However, fighting your spouse on issues will never solve conflict in marriage, rather working together in agreement to fight whatever it is that usually causes dispute in your marriage is the solution to resolve conflict in your marriage.

In marriage, two heads are better than one, so working together is the best way to resolve conflict in marriage. However sometimes you have to fight alone if your spouse is ignorant of how to resolve conflict in marriage.

Mistake Made By Couples In Marriage 

One major mistake you should not make in a marriage is to think that sharing your marriage affairs with third parties or people outside of your marriage will help shield your marriage from conflicts.

It is better you call your partner’s attention to what is causing conflict in your marriage and you find a way to fight against those disputes together, rather than sharing your problems with people. 

Sharing your marriage conflict with people, exposes your relationship weaknesses to the public, and the moment people see your weaknesses, they will begin to give your marriage little or no value. You will become worthless in the sight of people whom you have shared your problems with and also your marriage reputation becomes less valuable to.

Argument and disagreement will surely surface; Do not let people know what you are arguing about in marriage until your conflict is resolved and after still, you should not invite a third party into your relationship.

Another mistake couples make in marriage while in conflict is that couples yell, shout and expose their relationship life to the public, this is most common in women. Yelling could make you matter known to your spouse as you try to express yourself, but letting people hear your shouting and know what is happening in your home does not speak well.

Look at it this way; Your partner got you offended at a public place, and you started yelling at your partner and shouting in public, will that solve the conflict in your marriage?

“It is easier to make thousands of people know your problem and gossip about it, but it is very difficult and impossible to let ten out of a thousand people know when the problem is solved”. So why publicatize your dispute in marriage.

‘When you carry too much weight for long, your mind is always on the wrong’ so why not fight against your marriage dispute either individually or together with your spouse as a couple.

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