11 Ways To Make Yourself Happy Again After A Breakup

After a broken heart, it is important to know how to make yourself happy again, to get this done requires you to know how to pass time, passing time out is the best way to make yourself cheerful and joyful again after a relationship breakup.

Are you heartbroken and you have been looking for a way to make yourself happy again after a relationship breakup? The truth is that you deserve to be happy again.

how to make yourself happy again


The fact that a relationship is working out perfectly, does not mean such a relationship can not fail at some point, if you fail to shield such relationship. On the other hand, the fact that you experienced a breakup in your past relationship does not mean you can not make yourself happy again after such experience.

Effect of Relationship Breakup

We have heard about cases of lovers who were heartbroken in a relationship, ending up to become a different person, by involving themselves in some self damaging act. 

Such as becoming a drug addict, drunkard and more, just to hiss off the pain of being heart broken or because they want to try to make themselves happy after a relationship breakup. The fact that you experienced a breakup in a relationship does not mean you should damage your health.
Sometimes relationships are meaningful, as lovers know how to make themselves happy, everything looks good and promising. But there are also times relationships can make life worthless, as the one you call your lover steals your happiness away from you after breakup.
This is always painful and horrible to be sincere and I know almost everyone of us have been in such a situation once or many times in our lives. Nevertheless, this is not the end of life but the start of a new beginning as you might have learnt a lesson or two to why your relationship failed.
After a relationship break up, It is no doubt you will feel the loss and the pain of putting so much effort in a relationship you have looked up to as a promising and a fulfilling one but still end up in breakup.
When someone breaks your heart, most of these people want you to feel the pain, cry night after night, become moody, not eat, or not being cheerful, while the person who broke your heart or did the breakup is out there enjoying their lives like no other.
The truth is they do not care about you and they are not interested in your cries, why is this? Because they have made up their minds long enough before they did the breakup.
Though some relationship breakup might be understandable by both partners before they conclude in going their separate ways. However, not eating and losing weight isn’t the solution to making yourself happy again after a relationship breakup.
A relationship lost is a lesson learnt, be it that you have learnt the hard way or the easy way which may have cost you tears and pain in your heart does not mean you do not deserve to be happy again. Take your relationship failure as a lesson, learn how to forgive yourself for past mistakes and move on with life. 


How To Make Yourself Happy Again After Breakup

1. Your happiness first before your relationship: one mistake most people make in a relationship is that they always think their happiness is attached to their relationship or love affair. In a relationship, your happiness should be separately defined from the general happiness.
If you generalize or attach your happiness to a relationship and it eventually ends in breakup. To get out of the breakup trauma will be very difficult. But when your own happiness in a relationship becomes your priority, then It will be easier to make yourself happy after a breakup. Your happiness should come before your relationship and after your relationship
2. Meet new people: Getting to know new people and making new friend is a way to make yourself happy again when you find yourself in a broken relationship, you are always left alone and lonely, It will always look like they have stolen your joy and fixed then up with sorrow, but do not worry much because if you do, it could easily lead to depression which has led many lovers go insane and has even led some lovers to their early graves.
So instead of feeling lonely and depressed, why not find a way to be happy again after breakup by meeting with people. The more you meet with new people, the more you find good people with like minds and people with better experience who can encourage you to make yourself happy again after breakup in a relationship.
Do not keep your problems to yourself, there are times you may not be able to solve them. You just need people near, far and wide so you can be encouraged to move on, there are many fun and jovial people out there that will make you laugh and lively until you forget your sorrows.
One mistake you should not do is to gist about your past life relationship with people who do not understand the value of a healthy relationship. Sharing your past life while in a relationship is one of the many things that easily depreciates relationship values, so sharing your past life relationship with people with better relationship experience may not be ideal for you.
3. Do the opposite: Relationship breakup could be dramatic as you may start to develop some unwanted emotions like mood swing which can easily ruin a life, knowing how to overcome mood swing is to do the opposite of what is making you sad which is a good way to make yourself happy after a break in a relationship. Do the opposite of everything that makes you feel sad and you will be surprised to see how easy it is to make yourself happy after a break up in a relationship.
4. Social mediaIf you do not have friends,I suggest that you make some new friends, so as to make yourself happy again after breakup. If making friends isn’t yielding positive results to make yourself happy, then turning to become a social media influencer is another way to make yourself happy again after breakup. Let social media be your friend, the best social media platform I can suggest to you is to use twitter.
Twitter is a powerful app that is meant for everybody but not for everyone, because among all social media apps twitter is the most classy, fun catching and entertaining. You can easily meet with celebrities, fun and naughty people that will make you laugh, put smiles on your face and you could easily make yourself happy again after breakup.
The shocking thing about twitter is that you can easily get addicted to it and can make you spend half of your day on the handle. All you have to do is follow people and topics and trends that interest you and catch fun.
5. MusicListen to music, most especially hip hop. Dont go for R and B. it will make you keep remembering past relationship experiences which could cause you more damage. 

Listen to music that could make your mind feel high, high tempo music is good, do this everyday for like two weeks or more, and you will be surprised to see the positive result you will get while trying to make yourself happy again after breakup in a relationship. Try to know how music heals
6. Movies: To make yourself happy again after breakup, is to take your time to watch movies. Learn to change the taste of your kind of movies, if you like watching romantic movies, it is high time to change your mindset about that, instead watch action films that will bring life to you, as well inspire you and at the same time inspire you.
7. Build yourself: give yourself a target to meet, to make yourself happy again after breakup in a relationship is a good way to improve yourself, learning more skills is a good deal.
The more you learn new things, the better you become, the more joyful you are to yourself. Learning new skills could be a way to make yourself happy again after break up. Before you know it, you are good and might have become an expert at what you do, and at the same time you are passing time and also making yourself happy.
8. Focus on your education: I was told education is my life and I should guide it well, though education in many countries has failed many people but still when you are privileged to go to school, please take good advantage of your studies and forget about relationships as a priority in your life.
It is hard to mix education and relationship affairs together, it is more damaging when such a relationship ends in breakup, then you keep struggling to meet up with your happiness and education at the same time.
Study hard and forget about your relationship breakup, to make yourself happy in a breakup is to learn all you need to know while in school, because when you do, it gives you an edge to success and have a better life over a heart damaging relationship.
9. Make money: Do not be surprised that money has a great place in a relationship. In the world we live in today, if you are not making money you are not making sense. If you don’t have money to finance your relationship you might easily lose it. To make yourself happy after a break up is to learn how to make money. You can start one by becoming a freelance and make easy money online.
10. Have a class: This is a way to grow and make yourself happy again after breakup, just like meeting new people is a good way to make yourself happy after a breakup. Classing yourself is also a potential way to make yourself happy.
How do you class yourself? It is as simple as leaving your circle, learning to know your true friends from your fake friends. After this, take your time to meet with people who are of higher standard or class than you are, people who are grown intellectually and more matured and secured.
These people may be hard to find, but as soon as you start searching you will get to meet them. They are hard to find because they are always reserved people who do not talk or like to share their problem to third parties. Meet and make friends with them and you could easily make yourself happy again after breakup in a relationship.
11. Read and learn: This is for people who find reading interesting or people who have made reading hubby. Read good books to get more enlightened about life and get information on things you know little or nothing about. If reading is not your hubby, make it part of you, as it will help make you happy again after breakup. Read and learn new things to pass through these hard times.
All that has been said about how to make yourself happy again after breakup, understanding all the above ways to make yourself happy is very important, do not worry about your ex who is somewhere enjoying his or her life right now. Instead develop yourself and get over it. 

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