14 Warning Signs Of a Toxic Relationship And Why Relationship Fails

Toxic Relationship:

Toxic means bad. A relationship with toxic signs is dangerious and not promising. Lovers should take note of this warning signs  of a toxic relationship in courtship, so as not to have difficulties in marriage.

The signs of a toxic relationship may not seem harmful to some persons in a relationship, as what may seem like signs of a toxic relationship to you might not be toxic to others. However, finding no happiness in a relationship is one the signs of a toxic relationship.

Relationship fails when we fail to take note of the toxic signs in a relationship. Every relationship comes with it own challenges, and how you handle such challenges affects your own happiness in a relationship. Signs of a toxic relationship is not new to many, who have experienced the good, bad and the ugly side of a relationship.
This toxic signs are meant for both existing and new relationship. Take note of the signs of a toxic relationship because once an individual gets into a new relationship, there is the tendency to ignore the warning signs of a toxic relationship, as both partners tend to focus more on love rather than talking about sensitive things in a relationship, while ignoring the damage that a toxic relationship may cause.
New relationships and already existing relationships can be easily broken, if both partners fail to look out for the toxic signs in their relationship. The major challenge that most people face is that they are most times covered by the cloud of love, so much that they fail to see the reality of things and here is why relationship fails repeatedly.
Some may be chanced to notice these toxic signs, however a lot of people prefer to ignore, because they are in love, and this is why relationship fails.
1. Communication: How well do you communicate in your relationship? Communication plays a vital role in a relationship, and it is one of the warning signs to look out for when trying to detect a some of the signs in a toxic relationship. A lot of people do not know how to communicate, they talk and talk to hurt their lover.
Communication is like feeding a relationship. The more you communicate with your partner, the more you become intimate, bonded and connected you become, the more you communicate with your lover the stronger the feeling grows. Having good communication skills is important in a relationship.
“Communication in a relationship is not about how long you talk alone but how meaningful is your words and how you present and respond to words without hurting each other is a good communication skill” – A poor communication skills are warning signs of a toxic relationship.
2. Understanding: Without good understanding, a relationship can be toxic. Understanding also come with good communication skills, if you do not have good communication skills, you will always end up misinterpreting things.
Lack of understanding is a sign of a toxic relationship you should look out for – “Good communication is road map , while good understanding direct your path”.
Having a poor knowledge or understanding in a relationship is a sign of a toxic relationship because you will always fall short of happiness and this is why relationship fails.
3. Gender difference: It is my right to do this, it is yours to do that; this are signs of a toxic relationship,which you have to take note of. In a relationship, you must be an helper to your lover, no matter what. A man can do a woman’s job and a woman can do a man’s job, if you both have a good understanding. You will understand that there is no difference and there is no crime in helping yourselves.
Most people have taken gender differences as a norm and tradition, as something bad as many sees it as a sign of weakness, especially in a man. Some people believe that when a man help his woman do some domestic work, such a man is weak and not man enough.
This mindset and believe is absolutely wrong, and if a relationship is based on this, it is a sign of a toxic relationship which you have to avoid.
4. Sexual huge: A relationship that can not do without sex is a failure. Premarital sex is also not encouraged, however the world we live in today has taking a negative turn that most relationship can not survive without involving in premarital sex.
If you notice your lover can’t do without sex and you can not withstand it, please flee. They will ruin your life and leave you empty when you have no more value to them.
Avoiding premarital sex is a virtue on it own, and also a value for a woman and a man in a relationship. It commands respect and dignity. Premarital sex is a sign of a toxic relationship which has led to many failed relationship.
5. Respect: “A relationship without respect for each other is like a cube of ice placed in the sun, sooner or later it will melt away”. Lack of respect is another important warning signs of a toxic relationship.
The more a relationship lack respect, the more lovers fails to understand each other. If lovers have respect for each other, they will always have a good understanding and better communication skills.
However, letting premarital sex become a norm in a relationship is a way to deprive oneself from being respected. A relationship based on sex will eventually lose it value and in turn lack respect, knowing why respect is reciprocal in a relationship might be a source of help to shield a relationship .
6. Loyalty: There is no crime or shame in a man being loyal to his wife and also, there is nothing wrong for a woman to be submissive to her man. Failure to remain loyal is one of the signs of a toxic relationship and it is one of the reasons why relationship fails.
7. Pride: “A relationship filled with pride will never have a chance to survive”. Falling in love with a person who is filled with pride will cost you your own happiness. Pride is one of the signs of a toxic relationship and it is also one of the reason why relationship fails. Avoid a lover who is full of pride.
8. Flirt: Do not date a flirt, you will never enjoy your relationship. Such person will always cheat on you, no matter how much they claim to love you. There is no chance you will not be cheated on. Dating a flirt is a great sign of a toxic relationship and it is a reason why relationship fails.
A flirt is a man or a lady who falls in love and have love affair with everyone that comes their way, they call them womanizers, this also applies to ladies too
9. Lust over love: dating someone who is after material things than the true love you possess is a sign of a toxic relationship. Dating such a person will always end a relationship in regrets.
So many people who claim to love us as already traded money for love, as they are after what we can offer than what they could offer us. At the end they end up stealing our happiness when the relationship fail.
10. Infidelity: If you feel you are not feeling among, you are less important, you value or respect is not well recognized, you feel you happiness is gradually being stolen away, this are signs of a toxic relationship. When you feel insecure and not shielded in a relationship, you need to walk away from such lover, before the person you claim to love walks away from you unnoticed.
11Besties: Do not date a person who calls you bestie or a person who you call bestie and or a lady who has men besties or a man who has ladies has his besties, it might end in tears.
Smile, that is a slogan anyways. Dating someone calling herself or himself besties, or slay queen are most like to be an unserious fellow. They spend most of their time on social media posting pictures of themselves, activities of their clubbing and or outings, while most of them do not think of their future or have a plan ahead of how they would become successful. After wasting so much time with you, they will eventually leave.
12. Third Party Relationship: This is a very import sign of a toxic relationship. Any relationship that involves other people to solve their relationship disputes, will never last. Instead of picking random people to help you solve your relationship challenges, it is best to meet with a relationship counsellor or adviser to guide you.
The more you introduce a third party into your relationship affairs, the more destruction you cause you relationship. Do not share you relationship matters with your families, relatives, friends, pastors, and even parent, only share with your parents when necessary. You should be wise enough about this.
13. My pastor says: this word ‘my pastor says’ has lead many relationship into chaos, as many relationship have failed because lovers believe in their pastors words rather than using their own or lovers instinct to solve problem.
Any person who can not think for themselves will always end up in this kind of situation. This is an act of being dependant, here are the damage cause by being dependant on people.
Your pastor is not a God, and because he is a pastor does not mean he has knowledge about relationship experiences, you have to understand that callings are different.
This does not mean that God can not use your pastor to lead your relationship in the right path, but concluding and having the mindset to believe o take your pastor as your mentor or relationship adviser may lead such relationship to failure.
14. Negligence: The failure to take proper care of something, such as relationship. Negligence is one of the great signs of a toxic relationship. Do not date someone who does not care about all the above stated warning signs of a toxic relationship. Moreover, dating a negligent person many not at the end count your relationship important after break up. 

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