12 Things Not To Do In New Relationship From Past Life Relationship

Harm in New Relationship: 

It is true that you have good intentions for your new relationship, it is understandable that you have things to talk about in your new relationship, but remember that the relationship is new, and new things takes time to grow and understand, taking the wrong move could lead to relationship breakup just like past life relationship.

There are things which you may have done in your past life relationships which you may not take too seriously, but could easy affect, harm, hurt and break your new relationship.
When you start a new relationship, there are things not to do from past life relationship. The very things lovers do that has shielded past life relationships, leading courtship to marriage have also being the same thing that has led so many new relationship into break up.
There are things to do that could be productive and could also enhance your new relationship, but it is also important that you are mindful enough not to do things that could affect your new relationship later on.
Many people have made several mistakes in their new relationship as they try to trust their partners, while telling them things from their past life relationship.
You might think that telling your new partner about your past relationship would help build your new relationship or make it stronger, but it might turn out the other way round as talking about your past relationship life can gradually harm your new relationship without you being observant of it.
Some things you do in past life relationship could be a blessing to your new relationship and also be a curse, you being mindful of what you say and how you react are very crucial.

Things Not To Do In New Relationship

1Believe: In a new relationship, there is always a new and fresh atmosphere, where both partners are relaxed and willing to know more about each other. Most of us have been there before, especially many who have faced so many relationship breakups.
Putting so much trust or believe in your partner can easily ruin your new relationship. You do not have to tell your partner everything at once. Do not let anxiety in relationship take over your reasoning. Take it one step at a time, your duty in a new relationship is to monitor and observe how far, well, and promising the relationship could go.
Believing that your partner in a new relationship will not hurt you if you tell them about your past life relationship, is a way of digging your own relationship grave with your very own hand. The effect of you telling your past life relationship to a jealous partner may cause serious damage to a new relationship.
Lovers true attitude can never surface from the very onset of a new relationship. They will always hide things from you, which is normal, because they understand the effect, harm and damage of things not to talk about in a new relationship from past life relationship.
Slow and steady wins the race. Taking one step at a time is important, avoid believing so much in a lover in your new relationship.
2Do not be too open: Do not tell your partner in your new relationship exactly the same thing you told your ex in your past life relationship that led to break up. You can be open to your partner but not too open.
Most lovers are cheat, they are only interested in taking advantage of you. The moment they know your weakness, they will do everything to please you while taking advantage of you at the same time, and then walk away when you least expected.

It is a new relationship, you do not know what your new partner is capable of,and what their intentions are. Take your time to know your partner so well that you will know if they are lying about something or not. One very mistake people make in new relationships is that they don’t take time to know there new partner.
Do not let your partner rush you, find space to think for yourself and make your own decision. Most loves are cheat, they will not give you space to think right as they keep showing false care and impressions just for their own selfish interest.
3Commitment: It is true that commitment is a true characteristics of true lover, exploringyourmind stated “ the main goal of commitment in relationship is for each party to feel a sense of security and control” but misunderstanding the concept of being committed can be harmful to you and to your new relationship.
Commitment in a relationship is best for relationship that has a foundation and a sense of direction of where such relationship is heading. In a new relationship, you can commit yourself, but total commitment is not advisable, because your relationship is still new and weak.
Total commitment can cause you great damage, because when you do not take your time to know your partner, before you become totally committed to a relationship, it will be hard to see the weaknesses of your partner and when you finally do, it will be very difficult to pull out of such a relationship.
4. Don’t feel too relaxed: It is a new relationship, so why should you feel too relaxed. Feeling relaxed in a new relationship is a sign of comfort and it is good, but best for relationship who has it foundation already layed.
You should understand that your past life relationship has taught you a lesson, so why feel too relaxed instead of getting meaning to finding your own happiness in your new relationship.
5Do not mount pressure: Because you are badly hurt or treated unfairly in your past life relationship, does not mean you should mount pressure on your partner in your new relationship. You may not know you are mounting pressure on your partner, but with time it will be quite obvious that you are.
Mounting pressure on your partner could be in form of your own needs. what you want and desire in a relationship, without considering your partners interest.
Mounting pressure in a new relationship will never make a relationship better, but cause more damage, and could at the end make a new relationship end in early break up.
6Do not play too hard to get: Ah, this one is terrible and mostly applies to ladies. Because you face a terrible experience in your past life relationship, does not mean you should play hard to get in your new relationship. The truth is that most times it does not change anything. Instead, it complicate a new relationship.
Some ladies believe that when they play hard to get, shows a mans level of seriousness and commitment. Nah, that is not true in this modern times. You can try that in the 80’s and it will work perfectly well for you. 

Men are wise now, things have changed. Do not be surprised to know that playing hard to get is giving a flirt and bad guys the momentum and high spirit to gather up determination to get you with whatever it takes.
Do not get it wrong, playing hard to get is good, but not all the time,and also, playing too hard to get is a way of inviting terror into your new relationship, be smart.
7Do not ask too much: You are in a new relationship, why ask so much from your lover at the early stage of your relationship, if you have tried it in your past life relationship and it worked for you, it does not mean it will always work for you.
In fact, asking too much could be one of the major reason for past life relationship break up. Ask but do not ask too much. By asking too much in a new relationship, you gives your lover a sense not to believe in your love, even if it is true love.
8Be reserved: Taking your time to know more about your partner is a great way to achieve more progress in a new relationship. Don’t rush things, take a step at a time.
9Do not think you are replaceable: Your mind could be your source of happiness and at the same time become your worse enemy. Knowing how your mind could be your worse enemy is a great way to abstain from worries and wrong mindset about yourself.
Your believe speaks more about your actions and reactions to things. If you have a strong believe that you can be irreplaceable in your new relationship, then you are.
10Do not look down on yourself: Your past life relationship experience could make you feel you are worthless. Yes, this feeling is quite normal, so far you are human, you can not hide away from this kind of thoughts.
Looking down on yourself will never change a thing, but make things more complicated Instead of looking down on yourself, why don’t you look up to God the finisher of all things. Smile…
11Don’t have mixed feeling: Is he the right one, is she the right person for me, I doubt if he cares about me, I doubt if she cares about me, all this are mixed feelings. Mixed feelings result to doubt and when you doubt your partner to the maximum, it amounts to doubting your new relationship, which could easily lead a new relationship to break up.
13Don’t talk too often about your past: Telling your partner about your past life experiences is sometimes good, but bad for a partner who is not full of understanding, however talking too often about your past life relationship may easily bore your partner and result in unnecessary misconception about you. So in a new relationship, be mindful of what talk about.
14Take your time: Don’t rush, I know you may have many things to share with your partner in your new relationship, Yes, you are in love, I understand you have good plans and vision for your new relationship, but learning from your past life experience is enough to teach you that you have to take your time and grow your new relationship before exploring your new feelings.

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