Relationship Journey: The Starting, Midway, and End

Relationship Journey

Be it old relationship or new relationship, the goal of a relationship is marriage and not just marriage, a successful marriage of course; while considering the starting point, the mid way, and the finish line of a relationship could guarantee a successful relationship journey.

The ultimate goal of every relationship journey is marriage

To make a relationship journey successful, it is important that you try as much as possible to foresee the start, middle and end of a relationship before embarking such a relationship journey.
Be it a long courtship or short, the ultimate reason why we spend so much time in a relationship is to make a relationship successful as we have hoped and anticipated for.
However, a relationship journey might come dazzling, putting you to the test and pressure of how strong and determined you are to make your relationship journey a success. You might want to know why your relationship is not working.
While some lovers do not do much stress to make a new relationship journey end up in marriage, it turns out the opposite to other people who are in love, as they find their relationship journey stressful, hurtful and still ending up in breakups. Here is why you need to know if you are in a toxic relationship.

Staring Line Of a Successful Relationship Journey

When a relationship looks faulty from the beginning, then it could be hard and more challenging to amend such faults when such a relationship has gone far.
The starting line of a relationship journey is the start of a new relationship, it is a time you get to know your partner more better, while hoping for a relationship to succeed getting to the midway, and even to the final stage which is marriage.
What does it mean when a relationship is said to be faulty from the beginning? Any relationship that is full of doubt and fear might never survive getting to the midway before it collapses. 

The fear to love again is one of the greatest challenges in a relationship journey. When fear dominates the heart of a lover, it will always be hard to understand such a relationship and if caution is not taken, such a relationship might find itself falling out of the line before long.
A successful relationship will never be based on fear because it could easily lead to trust issues. The damaged trust issues can cost a relationship.

Keeping Your Past Behind You

Having trust issues at the start of a relationship journey is a sign that a relationship of that kind will never lead anywhere. Because you are hurt in your past relationship, does not mean you should carry the same mentality of your past relationship experience into your current or new relationship.
Everybody you know having a successful relationship has their past, but they kept their past behind them, because they understand that the past does not in any way define who a person is. Allowing your past to define you is to give it a chance to make you or mar you which could greatly affect a relationship journey not ending up becoming successful.
In the start of a relationship journey, your level of communication is vital. How you communicate with your partner could easily determine what will become of your relationship. There are important and sensitive things to talk about in a new relationship journey.
If you fail to raise these sensitive questions, you might end up being heartbroken. Knowing the important things at the start of a relationship provides you with information to determine how a relationship will end either at the midway or finally end up in marriage.

Midway Of a Successful Relationship Journey

The midway of a relationship journey is pointing close to time of engaging yourselves in marriage. The midway of a relationship is the time of courtship in a relationship. This is no more a new relationship but a shift and an advanced time in a relationship pointing towards marriage.
Having considered the starting point of a successful relationship journey, The level of comfort you get in your relationship shows how a relationship journey will either become successful or end up in regret. When you are not free with your partner to share, act or communicate, there is a tendency that such a relationship journey may not end up successful.
If you are in a relationship with a partner who is one sided or does not have enough exposure or is not matured enough, there might be a problem along the line in such a relationship journey.
One of the difficulties many lovers face at the midway of a relationship journey is to find themselves in love with a jealous partner. Knowing the effects of telling a jealous partner about your past life relationship is a way to shield yourself from being hurt by a jealous partner.
When a partner is jealous, such partner will want to know your level of faithfulness in a relationship and such partner could go extra miles to know if you are being faithful or not, however, the irony is that it is those partner who are filled with jealousy has the tendency to be unfaithful in their relationship. How to know if your partner is faithful in a relationship could help defend you of a jealous partner.
Have you ever thought of a broken relationship? A broken relationship is a relationship affair that lacks almost everything that makes a relationship meaningful. When you are in a broken relationship such a relationship easily gets bored and you might easily lose interest to continue.
No time and money in a relationship could make you think of breaking up such a relationship, not minding you already being at the midway of a relationship journey. Here is what you should do when there is no time or money in your relationship.

Finish Line Of a Successful Relationship Journey

The finish line or the end point of a successful relationship journey is a sign that shows that the relationship has moved into a new stage, which is the courtship level and now close to marriage.
If you have in some way got to this stage in a relationship, I say congratulations to you because you are almost there but still, do not relent because there could be more ahead of you in your relationship journey to become a successful one.
Before thinking of How soon is too soon to propose. As a man, it is advisable and important to have passed through these various stages of a relationship and successfully understand the importance of courtship.
However, for a woman who has also gone through the above process of the starting and the midway of a relationship journey, may also need to know How compatible is my man before I accept his proposalFor a woman, as to fight, figure out some of the challenges you may have not solve in a relationship and might face in marriage.
In this final stage, for a relationship journey to become successful, there are tough decisions to make, because this is a final stage before marriage. Knowing what depreciates relationship value could help understand your flaws in a relationship leading to marriage. Argument will surely come up, how do I solve relationship arguments is vital to shield a successful relationship journey.
Most importantly, taking your time at the start of a relationship journey, to know much about your relationship will at the end give you a reflection and relief at the midway and the final stage of your relationship journey which will at the end bring success to you and could easily end your relationship journey into a successful marriage.

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