10 Most Sorted Qualities Of a Good Woman To Marry

The Right Qualities:

The good qualities to look out for in a woman before marriage is some worth of potentials that would be of great value if a man could take his time and be patient to source for this qualities of a good woman to marry. Among other qualities of a good woman to marry, this qualities of a good woman are most sorted for.

However, the qualities of a good woman to marry is not only subjected to a man who looks for this qualities of a good woman but also a woman as well should endeavour to possess some of this quality, if not all.

Before Digging Deep

Before we dig into the qualities of a good woman to marry, we need to understand that individual differences really matters alot. As they say,‘one man’s food is a poison to another’, which means what a man likes might slightly be different from another, but still in many ways the above qualities of a good woman is generalized and not subjective.

What Most Woman Don’t Know

Do not be fooled by the words of a man who claim to love you, his actions and words may show you that he is in love with you, but what he has deep inside of him might be different from what you picture.
Most men who flirt around women know what they do, but it is so painful that most women who men flirt with do not understand what a man really want. The truth is that men are very secretive and sensitive at the same time.
Men believe the time for courtship is always the best time to know the right qualities of a good woman to marry. So they do two things, they play along with every woman, take advantage of them if possible and still at the same time secretly look for a good woman with better qualities.
Note: No man want a bad luck or a bad woman in his home when he finally settle down. To this end, men take their time to look for qualities of a good woman to marry.

The Irony About The Behaviour of Men

Yet the irony is that most men who play and flirt around ladies but secretly look for a woman with good qualities to marry, end up getting married to the wrong partner. Perhaps, this is nemesis catching up on them, what goes around comes around.
However, there are men who take their time, live a moral life as they abstain from flirting, premarital affair and other immoral things while looking out for a good woman to marry, but yet end up with the wrong partner, should we say that theirs is bad luck, or probably, they didn’t do their assignment well?
There are other men who lack knowledge and who do not care about looking for the qualities of a good woman to marry, but to the greatest surprise end up getting married to a woman with good qualities. Oh mine! What should we call this, fate? Or life just chooses to be partial?  
Whichever way, it is still essential for a man to look for qualities of a good woman before marriage, and also a woman must try as much as possible to possess the qualities of a good woman. This is what most men look out for in a woman before marriage.

Individual Differences

Kindly take note of this fact; Individual taste and likes are quite different and varies from men to men as we have made mention above. However, the below qualities of a good woman is a general qualities of a good woman a man will look to see you have as a woman before marriage.

Qualities Of A Good Woman To Marry

1. Respect: Respect is reciprocal, this means that giving respect is worth taking back respect. When a woman possess respect as one of the quality of a good woman, she has a place in the heart of her man. Having the right knowledge on why everyone deserve to be respected dearly, is one way to shield relationship from breakup and could as well lead courtship into marriage.
Do all mean value and deserve respect?
It is also not new to see a woman who gives respect to her lover but yet her lover fails to appreciate and acknowledge her. The reason for this is either both lovers fails to understand the importance of this in courtship as a bachelor or a spinster. Courtship is more than just dating and having fun or sharing memories but a time to know your partner’s strengths and weaknesses before marriage, or it might also be that you fail to know why your love is taking for granted.
Having respect for everyone out of your relationship is also important. It makes a man proud of his woman. Respect shows a sign of loyalty and being loyal opens way for great opportunities. Being respectful does not harm, it shows how valuable you are and how much you know and acknowledge people’s worth ,irrespective of age, class, race and tribe.
Give respect to all, respect you lover’s family, friends and relative. The more respect you give, the better you are being respected, but take note of this, do not let your being respectful make people think you are a fool, respect with caution.
2. Social media freak: Another most sorted quality a man looks out for in a woman is how she handles social life especially on social media. A responsible man will not like to marry a social media freak, because being a social media freak could lead to addiction, which can bring about trust issues in a relationship. Since you are not a journalist, a news caster, a mass communicator, or do not have anything to do with the media and telecommunication company,why should you take so much time on the social media.
Social media platforms provides opportunity to share information and learn, communicate and interact with other people, but spending too much of your time their can really cause a problem with a man. Though as we have mentioned above, there are some categories of men who will not tell you this, know why men play with your intentions and try as much as possible to take advantage of you the best way they can, since they see you are a social media freak.
Most men thoughts will be like, ‘she is the unserious type, is this what she will engage herself in when we get married? And who exactly is she chatting with when she has other things to do.
This is where the problem begins. Even if a man claim to love a woman, social media could be the source of unfaithfulness in a relationship. As a woman, mind what you do, and how much time you spend on the media. A jealous man will never count you worthy of you possessing the right qualities of a good woman to marry, so you need to learn and know why and how social media becoming an avenue to showcase insanity.
3. Faithfulness: A woman who shows a sign of faithfulness in courtship, has a good chance of becoming a good wife material when married. Being faithful to man shows if a woman has good qualities or not.
Nevertheless, when some men see their woman’s faithfulness, they tend to take advantage of such women by maltreating them. Sometimes, they even go as far as cheating or having extra marital affair outside of the relationship or in marriage.
Be that as it may, showing sign of faithfulness as a woman shows that such a woman is responsible, Being faithful in a relationship has it own reward and a greater reward when courtship lead to marriage, most times, a lot of men who are opportune to find a faithful woman don’t see the value inherent in such women, it is people out of the relationship that see this value and appreciate such woman for the good qualities she possess.
4. Humble: Being faithful does not only apply to abstaining from extra marital affairs, it comes with respect and being humble. A man loves a woman who is respectful and humble.
As a woman, your being humble is a great sign of how diligent and well trained you are. It also shows the kind of family you came from. Learn to be humble, it will some day speak well of you at the time you least expect. Be humble to everyone around you, be it at your place of work or social gathering, do not subject your being humble to your spouse alone.
5. Goal Setter: A woman who is a goal setter shows quality of a good woman to marry. A woman who set goals and accomplish them has a high a very high tendency of lifting her man up for success.
A responsible man will always go after a woman who has goal and plan in life, not a woman who live life as it comes, no plan, no goals, no vision, mission or ambition, such women are believed to be a burden to a man, and no man is ready to marry a burden.
On thing is to set goals, another thing is to accomplish those goals. One very lite problem of a goal setter is that they procrastinate. Learn the effect of procrastination and how it could affect career. Procrastination is a pest that hinder goal setters from achieving their aim in life.
6. Forgiveness: A woman who can not learn how to forgive, can never have a long lasting relationship, because she will always put the memories into action. Forgiving past mistakes of your lover is a way to shield a relationship.  

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Knowing that humans are not perfect and also why relationship does not come with perfection, knowing the solution to imperfection in relationship is one way to protect a relationship from beak up. Infact one the way to finding your own happiness in a relationship is to always learn to forgive your past mistakes and also your partners mistakes.
A responsible man who is ready to marry will always sort out for a woman who can forgive as one of the qualities of a good woman to marry. A woman who does not know how to forgive will always lead relationship into severe argument which could in turn lead to relationship breakup. Knowing how to forgive yourself and letting go of past mistakes as a  result of being scared to love again is important to make relationship survive.
7. Admitting to mistakes: When you make mistakes, you must learn to admit to your mistakes, so as to avoid letting your relationship be one sided. A woman who can not admit to her wrongs, does not possess the qualities of a good woman to marry.
You can not always be right, you will always make mistakes and fall short in someways, no matter how smart you are, or how knowledgeable and the amount of wisdom, exposure and experience you may have acquired. As far as you are human, you are always bound to make mistakes, this also applies to men, a man should always learn to admit to fault.
8. Apology: A woman who can not admit to are wrong or mistakes will always be arrogant to say sorry even when she knows she is wrong. This is one thing that men can never tolerate in a relationship. If you see a man who tolerate this, check him well, he has some plan hidden away from you that he is waiting for the right time to execute.
Learning to apologize to your man even when you know you are not wrong is a good sign of maturity. A matured man or woman will always say sorry even when he or she is right.
The reason why this is done is not because people who do this, do not want the relationship broken. Moreover it gives them opportunity to encourage eachother and also add value to the relationship. Always learn to say sorry, saying sorry does not kill or take your value away, it does not cost nothing but just words.
“A woman who fails to admit to fault will ruin her relationship out of ignorance”
9. Standard: there are women with class, and most ambitious men love woman with high taste in class. This kind of women can not in anyway date a man who does not have certain qualities or values.
A woman with standard always goes as far has making their man a better person and turn a man to their own taste. They are a lifesaver for men, teaching your man to be romantic and know how to spice up your relationship is a great way a woman can create a standard for her relationship.
10. Fear of God: A woman who does not have the fear of God in her can not have the fear of man. The fear of God is a standard to a successful relationship, when a relationship is based on the fear and the love of God, the moral life and standard of such relationship will always be solid, as both lover will always try as much as possible to avoid immoralities and abstain from things that could damage their relationship life.
Without the fear of God in a woman, most of the above qualities of a good woman to marry may never take their stand or have a chance to survive. Morality is the best guide to shield relationship from breakup. A woman with the fear of God is most sorted among other qualities of a good woman to marry.

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