6 Effects Of Trust Issues In A New Relationship From Past Relationship Experience

Trust Issue In A New Relationship:

Trust issues is one difficulty new relationships face, as the fear to trust another lover keep letting relationships get boring. Trust issue many not give hope of recovering from past experience trauma.
As a result of infidelity in relationship, trust issues has become a very challenging issue. Most individuals find it difficult to let go of unpleasant experiences that have had in previous relationships. As such they allow such experiences affect their interaction with their current relationships.

Do we really have to blame them? Most new relationship get boring day by day as partners are faced with the challenge of their lover facing trust issue. Many lovers are tired of promise and fail in relationship, as they still find it hard to get over their past relationship experiences.
But the truth is as they keep remembering this experiences, those past experiences affects their actions and reactions in their new relationship, which creates a negative impact in the new relationship.

 Impart of Trust issues in New Relationship

Dwelling on past relationship experiences as a result of trust issues could make a new relationship frustrating, boring and could lead to an unexpected breakup, as our partner may not understand what is going on inside of us.
Battling with trust issues could damage a person mentally, emotionally and physically. Trust issues is a mental challenge that only few people can survive the effects in a new relationship.
A new relationship which battles with trust issues is open and vulnerable to breakup. Lack of trust in a new relationship could plunge relationship into disaster. It is natural we feel the pain of being heartbroken as a result of promise and fail from past relationships, but introducing this mindset to a new relationship could cause even more damage.

Effect Of Lack Of Trust In New Relationship 

One thing we should understand is that our past and present relationship are not the same. Though they are both classified as relationship, nevertheless, there is a great difference between past and new relationship.
Past means previous, and something previous is gone. We should understand that what is gone can only teach you lessons and gain experiences but does not in anyway define your present or new relationship or life.
1. Stay stagnate: Letting your past define you is a way of getting chained by your own thoughts and it is a way of staying stagnated.Moving backward instead of going forward, because the more you keep your past in mind, the more you hold yourself back from what is ahead, which directly affects your new relationship.
2. Hurt Your partner: A new relationship should not be a time to mourn your past relationship life, based on lack of trust which you may have experienced or encountered, but a time to move on with life and learn from your past mistakes. The more you keep thinking of your past relationship, the more you destroy your new relationship.
Though it is natural to feel pained as result of your past relationship experience, but bringing that sadness into your new relationship may ruin the new relationship.
Our partner may be patient enough to handle the pressure you might be facing but it is for a while, we are all human being. When we keep thinking about our past experiences in a new relationship, it makes it look like we are one sided, that we are only concerned about ourselves rather than being concerned about each others problems.
3. Boredom: Lack of trust or the fear to trust can easily lead to boredom in a new relationship. If we do not take away the bad thoughts and experiences from our mind and move on with life as to focus more on the success of our new relationship, then we are indirectly inviting boredom to our new relationship, and when a relationship get boring it hard to get it back up.
4. Trust: The fear to trust again based on the experiences we may have had in our past relationship could make us lose trust in our new relationship. The more we have it in mind that no one can be trusted, the more we implicate ourselves in a new relationship. How? When we fear to trust again as a result of what we may have experienced in our previous relationship life, it will be hard to trust our new lover in a new relationship.
5. Cheat: Trust issues could make a new relationship sink, as not being able to get over trust issues could make the unexpected happen. You are down and depressed because your past relationship was broken because of trust issues? And on the other hand you develop a problem for yourself in your new relationship as you fail to let go of you past experience.
This could make a new relationship frustrating for your new partner, and they may think of finding happiness elsewhere since you do not give them the happiness your lover deserve in a relationship, and mind you, this is a new relationship. A new relationship should be filled with love and happiness and not terrible and unpleasant experiences.
Creating a scene of trust issues in a new relationship could easily make a partner cheat on you, and I bet this is what you may have being trying to avoid, the truth is that it will happen if you fail to let go of trust issues you may have experience in your past relationship.
6. Value: In any Relationship, value is important and how you build a new relationship determine the level of value a new relationship holds. Trust issue can easily depreciate relationship values.
Instead of you having time to build your new relationship, you will end up spending time on your past relationship. Trust issues could ruin your new relationship if not early cautioned.
7. Early Break up: Trust issues in past relationship could lead a new relationship into breakup. While you are still battling with trust issues experience in past relationship, your new relationship could as well drown if you fail to get over it.
Your past is just a lesson, your present is an experience, your future is result of the lesson learnt from past experience. Dwelling on past experiences of fear of trust as a result of trust issues in past relationship experiences will never better a new relationship.
Instead, it is wise to learn from your past to make a better experience for your new relationship which is the present so you can have a better future. Trust issues will never protect a relationship from breakup, but cause more damage to a new relationship.

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