13 Sensitive Things To Talk About In New Relationship

New Relationship Talk:

Things to talk about in a new relationship should be sensitive and far from being romantic and attractive. Most new relationship fail to have a happy ending, because they fail to know the sensitive things to talk about at the start of new relationship.
However, it does not mean that talking about romantic and attractive things isn’t good since it will build a new relationship on a solid foundation. But to get the best out of your relationship and to avoid heart break after a new relationship might have grown, is to know the things to talk about in a new relationship.

Are you not tired or does it not look boring to you to ask about your lover questions about his/her hobbies, likes and dislikes, best food, best colour, best? Come on, this is an advance world and you have to take advantage of it.
Life has changed, it has actually taken a drastic turn that it is easier to know your partners mind. It is better to get heart broken at the start of your new relationship than when the love is really deep because the damage is quite different. Heart break at the start of a new relationship may look bad but not more heart damaging for a grown relationship.


Relationship Damage 

Being heat broken at the start of a new relationship is a good advantage to both lovers, because failure to know the important things to talk about in a new relationship could cause a great damage when the relationship has grown.
Knowing some sensitive things about your partner might help you avert a failed relationship. Most people get deeply heart broken in most because they fail to ask some sensitive questions before their relationship grows.
As a result, when a new relationship finally grows and is almost leading to marriage, lovers are then faced with no choice than to ask their partner about the sensitive questions they should have asked at the very beginning of their relationship,which they failed to ask.
Do you want to know the truth about your relationship, then you have to be confident enough to ask your partner some sensitive questions in your relationship.
By knowing the things to talk about in a new relationship gives you a close and better understanding of who your partners is and the intentions they have toward a relationship.
A lot people who get into relationships fail to ask important questions they ought to ask their partners because of fear. Fear of losing their new partners, They believe that, if they raise some of these sensitive questions, they might end up heartbroken.

Things To Talk About In a New Relationship

1. Past life experience: One of the major things to talk about in a new relationship is to know your lovers past life experience. past life experience is very important and also a sensitive thing to talk about in a new relationship.
Talking about your past life is a great way to understand who your lover is, asking about your lover life challenges, the happiest moment of your lover’s life, the saddest moment of their life, what they have failed at and succeed at are things to talk about in a new relationship.
2. Past relationship experience: After talking about past life experiences, another sensitive thing to talk about in a new relationship is knowing your lover past relationship experiences. Your lover past relationship experience, and the reason for past relationship break up. This will be a guide to making a new relationship better.
How did your past relationship start? What was the cause of the break up, who made the break up and what was the experience like? Knowing both the interesting and the ugly part of a past relationship life could give a new relationship a better experience, as it could provide some form of caution of not making similar mistake.
Jealousy is one of the greatest relationship challenges and a major reason why many promising relationships have resorted to break up. learn to know if it is right to tell a jealous partner your past relationship life.
3. Home background: knowing the background of your spouse is very important. It is one of the sensitive things to talk about in a new relationship. Is your partner from a polygamous family, what are the challenges they might be facing and how have they come to resolving it?
These are sensitive things to ask in a new relationship. However, asking some of this questions, especially the ones related to family background may look too sensitive and too early to ask, but still it is important to talk about those things to be on a safer side.
When asking this questions, let it not be the very moment the relationship just started. You might need to give it some days or weeks as to ease pressure off your partner.
4. Exposure: How well exposed is your lover, or what is the level of their exposure? This is also one important things to talk about in a new relationship. It is important to know a lover level of exposure, to determine if you can really cope or relate well with them.
Exposure also comes with experience, how well a person is exposed to life is determines the level of the individuals exposure. So many relationships are broken today because most lovers could not cope with their partner’s level of exposure. While one is exposed to wild life, the other partner might only be exposed to simple way of life. At the end, they find things imbalanced.
5. Genotype: Don’t just date for fun and waste your time on unfruitful relationship. A partner must know from the onset of a new relationship what their lovers genotype is.
So many relationships end up in regrets, because they ignore the importance of genotype especially when it comes to relationship leading to marriage. Knowing your genotype and that of your from the onset in a new relationship, could easily determine if your relationship will lead to marriage or not.
For example AA can marriage AS, AA and SS, But AS can not marry SS or AS, AS can marry only AA while SS should and can only get marriage to AA. Do not joke with genotype in a relationship, do not let your spiritual life confuse you to making a life time and costly mistakes.
6. Plan and Goal: Another important thing to talk about in a new relationship is your plans and goals. You should ask your lovers what their plan is in coming year, what do they wish to achieve.
However, do not be deceived, as many people will tell you sweet and inspirational plans they have, without having the mind to execute them, just because they do not want you to leave or break up the relationship.
When they tell you their plans and goals, it is your assignment to see to it that their plans and goal get done and come into reality. But when a partner is serious about their plan and goal ,then it may need you to have a break.
7. Worries: It is also important to know your partner worries, share ideas together and feel free to let your partner share with you and you with your partner what every challenges you might be facing. Remember, the freedom to share your worries with your partner is important, do not go into a relationship with someone you can not share your problems with or partner who is not welling and ready to listen to your problem.
8. Career: Does your partner have a career pursuit, are they after something in life? And what exactly is it. These are the important and sensitive things to talk about in a relationship. If they do not have a career, you can learn how to build a career and become a better person in life, with this you grow together.
9. Health Status: knowing your partner’s health status is very important, as to know if you can cope with such partner or not before the relationship gets deep. However, there is no problem in dating a person with mental or physical challenges, in as such you are in love and your partner is in love with you.
Do not hide or let you partner hide their health status from you, because it may be harmful later on in life ,as it could put you in great danger. There are instances that people die of hiding their health status from their partner and at the end their partner get jailed or even persecuted for their death which they are innocent of.
10. Religious Background: Just like family background, knowing the religious background of your partner is something important to talk about in a new relationship. Be sure you are comparable and never be fooled by the words of the mouth that guarantee that you have no problem with religious background in a relationship.
There is always a problem of incompatibility when both family will never accept you to convert form a religion to another, be wise about your decision making.
11. Social life: Be bold to ask your partner if they go clubbing, drink hard wine, smoke and what they are addicted to. It is not a crime to know, you do not have to insult them just because of their weakness. You have the choice to walk away or stay to change them if you believe you can.
However some people will never tell you the real truth. it is normal because they do not want you to leave, since you have asked it will give you an edge to detect them with time.
Knowing the social life status of your partner could help understand your partner the more. You don’t have to act upon their wrong social life, but help then grow over their addiction, by changing them to become a better person or a person of your taste.
Infact, when you know your partner’s social status from the start of a new relationship, as a result of the things you have talked about right from the beginning of a new relationship,this gives you enough time you may need to change such partner if you truly love him or her.
12. Education: Is your partner well educated and what are their capabilities? Being educated is important in a relationship, however, how educated a person is does not determine a good moral life, infact an article talks about how little parent education plays on a child moral life. To this end, being educated does not mean a good moral life but it is still important to be in a relationship with a educated partner as it will help in seeking job opportunities and having a say among friends.
13. Time: time is everything, the success and failure of a relationship depends on how you take your time to know your partner the more. Talking you time is to be patient.
Relationship is an a self investment, self education that makes you gather experience and exposure in life. The more you invest time in your relationship, the better your relationship become.
Spending time to know your partner, and knowing the right things to talk about in a new relationship will help shield a relationship and protect it from unnecessary break-up.

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