11 Reasons Why Relationship Fails Repeatedly

Reason For Failed Relationship:

When relationship fails once, it might look disturbing, when relationship fails twice it might look confusing, but when a relationship fails repeatedly, then their is a problem. 

Knowing a reason for a failed relationship is one thing, knowing the cause of the reason of why relationship fails repeatedly is another.

Broken heart is hard to amend, when relationship fails repeatedly it could cause damage to health.

In recent years, there have been a lot of controversies about the reason for failed relationships. A lot of questions have been raised, as to why relationships continue to fail.

Failed relationships have now become a natural phenomenal and a way of life, which many people have soon accepted as fate, mostly because they do not have a choice. 

The mindset and ideology of most person with a failed relationship is to believe that there is nothing that can be done about failed relationships. This mindset and ideology is a major reason why relationship fails.

This brings us to the cause of failed relationships and what we have not been mindful of;

1. Negligence : Negligence is the first major cause of a failed relationship. You find yourself in a failed relationship and you think there is nothing you can do about it? You accept your fate and believe life continues? Yes, truly life continues when we find ourselves in a failed relationship, but that doesn’t mean we are unfortunate being. 

A relationship will only fail, if the parties involved fail to avoid things that bring about unnecessary disagreement and negligence is a major factor of relationship disagreement, knowing the effect and how to overcome negligence is important to safe a relationship.
2. Ignorance:  Lack of knowledge is also another factor that causes failure in relationships. When we lack  basic knowledge of what went wrong with our past relationships, that made them fail, there is the tendency that we will continue to move from one relationship to another without fixing the problem that is responsible for our continuous failed relationship. Having basic knowledge of he effect of ignorance might help shield a relationship
3. Anxiety: The fear to lose stand as relationship nightmares, you will not like to experience what anxiety could cause a relationship. You are so carried away by the atmosphere of your new relationship that you tend to forget why your past relationship failed, and also forget the pain your past relationship has cost you.

When anxiety sets in from the onset of a new relationship, it turn a person blind as the cloud of love may seem to have overshadowed our sense of reasoning. At this point, we are always eager to love without considering what is right or wrong, what is and what is not to be done. We just fall in love, simply because we are in love .
4. Emotions: play a big role to why relationship fails. Just as anxiety, emotions gets you carried away so easily, that you could forget the reasons why your past relationship failed. At this time you are mostly likely to be deaf to listen, to hear and to know the truth, because your emotion is in control over your reasoning, and it most likely to play against your happiness. At the end, you still  get to find yourself in a failed relationship again.
5. Being observant: a way of looking thoroughly into something, having careful examination before making decisions or driving into conclusion. The truth is most people are not observant about their relationship life and many who claim to be observant still end up in a failed relationship, because they look at their problems from an entirely different angle. 

Without considering the above process to why a relationship fails. Most people have come into conclusion that being in a relationship is a waste of time, but that’s not true
Your Failed Relationship Wasn’t a Waste of Time. Have you ever noticed that when a relationship ends, you go through the 7 stages of grief? –  psiloveyou states.
To buttress the cause to repeated breakup in relationship, couples counseling gave Top 3 Reasons Why Couples Break Up.


Major Reasons To Why Relationship Fails Repeatedly

6. No value: There is always something different in you that your partner wants and there is also something unique in your partner that you love before falling in love. This comes as an impression. But having a mixed feelings could lead to relationship failures.

Why relationship fails could be as a result of partner have a positive mindset toward a relationship whereas on the other hand the second partner has a negative mindset toward the relationship, a relationship with no similar plan and vision are failed relationship

It might be that while you value love, they value lust or why you value  love, they are after the material things you have in possession. Failed relationship has no value from the onset.

7. Premarital sex: since there is no value from the onset, sexually pleasure have to be the next reason why relationship fails. True love over lust is common in the world we live in. When a relationship is based on satisfying the sexual desires of the parties involved, such relationship is bound to fail.

8. Trust issues: Trying to judge your past relationship experience with your new relationship could put a relationship into great danger, trust issues is one of the major reasons why relationship fails repeatedly. Knowing how to get over trust issues is a very important way to avoid relationship break up.

9. Your happiness first: Why are you in a relationship if not to be happy, but some relationship are meant to steal peoples happiness, if you see or observe that the person you want to go into a relationship with will not make you happy, please flee.

Please do not manage a boring relationship, knowing how to find your own happiness in a relationship is crucial. Some partner are very one sided that all they want is to be happy but care less about your own happiness. To avoid a repeated failed relationship is to make your happiness your first priority.

10. Unfaithfulness in past relationship: Do not date a flirt partner or go into a relationship with a marriage man, here is what happens when you do, there is no way you will get to enjoy the relationship, a flirt partner are always unstable, inconsistent and unfaithful. You will never enjoy the relationship until there is a means to break it up. You can only enjoy such relationship if both partners are flirts which is not ideal.

11. Moral values: A relationship without good moral conduct is failed, do not go into a relationship with a partner who is no morally upright or do not have the fear of God. Take note of this, being a religion person is one thing, having the fear of God in you is another, only those who have the fear of God understand what true morality is.

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