Why Men Beat Their Women: Cause And How To Avoid Wife Battering

Man Who Beats Is Woman:

It is natural for issues and misunderstandings to surface in a relationship, but the way you handle those relationship problems is all that matters when trying to shield your relationship. But if a man thinks that beating a woman is the solution to relationship issues then he needs to visit a counselor for intense advice.

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Though there are women who can naturally frustrate a man and could tempt a man to beat them up, but yet, beating a woman is not the solution to relationship challenges.

To avoid wife battering; as a lady you should not in any way put your life in a mans hand that will beat you up to death, avoid being beaten by a frustrated man and protect you future from depression.

A man who raises his hand to beat his woman needs help because he is weak and mentally ill, for it is a weak man with a bad mindset that does that.


Why Do Men Beat Their Woman 

Why men beat their women has been a long trending and challenging question that have been in existence for long but yet, we seem not to get the right solution to curb down the problems of battering in the homes.

Despite all the measures put in place to curb down the problems of a man beating his woman most especially in marriages, it has only to some extent yielded a positive result.

What Is Battering?

The process of a man beating is woman in a relationship or marriage is called wife battering. Wife battering seems to be a common trend in marriages as a man consciously and sometimes subconsciously raises up his hand to beat a woman. Here is how to avoid wife battering.

Is Wife battering a conscious action or not?

There have been great controversies to if battering happens consciously or subconsciously. When I say consciously, it means a man beating up his woman intentionally with the full awareness of what he was about doing. While the subconscious aspect of battering is an act by which a man beats a woman by mistake, unknowingly or by accident.

 Controversy In Marriages And Relationships

Though based on our researches and experiences with couples in marriage and lovers in courtship, we get to understand that most women disagree that wife battering is done by men subconsciously, which simply means that men intentionally beat up their women most especially when there are pending issues in a relationship.

Infact, we also got to realise that most women who are married are not happy in their marriages as we speak. Many women blame themselves that the kind of marriage they find themselves in isn’t what they planned for and if they had known that marriage would be this worse, they would not have rushed or get married at the time they did.

Some other ladies who are not yet married but in a relationship claims that the frustration they get in their relationship does not encourage them to get married as their boyfriends beat them up most times whenever they have issues in their relationship.

“My boyfriend is not a patient person, he is temperamental and does not have a second thought about things, all he does his yell at me and if the argument gets worse he ends up beating me, even when he does not own me”.

 “Why on earth will my boyfriend beat me when he hasn’t paid for my bride price? We aren’t married yet! So why should he raise his hands to beat me. This must stop, what if I eventually get married to him, won’t he kill me?” – Blessing
Let’s go straight to blessing’s questions. In the first place, you should know that marriage is for better and for worse and it is for a life time only if you are planning to get a divorce in marriage which is in most cases an unpleasant and shameful experience.

However, you should not in any way plan a marriage with a man who beats you up during courtship; This is why you need to know the importance of courtshipbefore marriage. Courtship in a relationship is a time to study your partner, courtship is not a time to catch fun in relationship, so do not be carried away.

Any man who beats his woman during courtship has a higher tendency to beat you twice as hard and damage you mentally and physically when you eventually get married to him.

“My man is a caring and lively person, he gives me everything I need but the problem he has is that he easily gets angry and he is also a jealous type of person, when issues arise he beats me up that sometimes I had to treat myself at home because I can’t stand the embarrassment outside if I try visiting the hospital. – But what baffles me the most is that after all this evil act of beating me up, he comes back and tell me that it was not intentional, Please I want to ask, is this action intentional or not?” – Florence

Intentional could also mean a subconscious action, and when these happens in a relationship, then it calls for questioning and this is where I am going to chip in the reasons why men beat their women in  relationships.

 Why Men Beats Their Women In Relationships

1. Emotions: I know you might be surprised why emotion is coming in to the reason why a man beats is woman. A man could end up beating his woman as a result of emotional trauma.

Emotion plays a very big role in shielding a relationship and it could also be a disaster in a relationship and could as well make a relationship crumble. Relationships can be easily and negatively affected and broken based on emotional disorderliness.This emotional disorderliness is an act of a man not being able to control his emotion, or an act of letting emotion take over his will or actions.

This could be very bad and could destroy a relationship. When emotions takes over our sense of reasoning it could be very difficult to control ourselves as this could lead to a man to beating up his woman in a relationship.

 Solution to Emotional Trauma In Relationships

The best way to avoid battering through emotion is to always calm your partner down and make him understand that his emotions could break the relationship or home, but if he can not get over it, he should visit a counselor for intense advice, because emotional trauma is psychological and it may cost you your life if he doesn’t take proper measures.

Yet most men would claim that they are not emotionally challenged, if such man does not listen to you, it is your responsibility as a woman to help him visit a psychologist for proper examination on his behave.

2. Frustration: When a woman frustrates a man, it always seems like the devil is knocking at a mans door, with the mindset that as soon as he opens, the devil will take his life, this makes such man an angry man as he tries by all means to protect himself. Women should understand how this moment feels for a man to be frustrated.

Infact there are some ladies who are just naturally meant to frustrate and let a man die from high blood pressure, this woman are mostly the scape goats to fall into a man who will beat them up without feeling remorse on their action.

Frustration is bad in a relationship, and if you are a woman who in anyway frustrates your man, forget it, if he manages to cope with you during courtship; do not think he is a fool because most of this men have a plan for you as you get married.Have you ever received the beating of your life? Be prepared, it will surely happen to a woman who frustrates his man in a relationship.

 Solution To Frustration In Marriages And Relationships

It is obvious that you all know what frustration means, so you should know as a woman when you see your man frustrated by your own mismanagement of things. Therefore, it is better for a woman to change and adjust before it is too late.

3. Unfaithfulness: Unfaithfulness is another thing that makes a man beat a woman and even beats a woman to death. This is bad but most women also have a big role to play in avoiding battering.

When a woman is unfaithful to his man, it leads to a lot of mistrust and confusion in the relationship, it is better you know where your relationship stands by knowing if your partner is faithful to you or not.

How do you know if your partner is unfaithful in a relationship? Unfaithfulness also means cheating in relationship, a woman who cheats in courtship has an high tendency of cheating in marriage. This is not a good thing to do, please avoid cheating at all cost.

4. Stubbornness: Don’t think you can bring your negative way of life into a relationship, a man loves respect, and a woman’s stubbornness will command the exact opposite in a relationship.

A woman who is stubborn by nature will always find it difficult to respect her man, this is a problem and challenge a man can not tolerate. A man will always see an act of stubbornness in a woman as a threat to his relationship and happiness.

He will in every way try to stop such, and he doesn’t care if such relationship will eventually end in breakup. Stubbornness leads to frustration which could trigger wife battering.

 Solution To Stubbornness in Marriage and Relationships

If you are a stubborn lady in a relationship, I urge you to have a rethink about it because a man will never take stubbornness in relationship as a compliment.

5. Disobedient: It is said that charity begins at home and obedience shows a sign of how well a lady is trained from home, remember the adage which says “A child who does not learn from home will be taught from outside”

So do not pose a negative threat to yourself. A signal of disobedience could ruin the love a man has for a woman. Make sure you behave well and avoid battering.

In conclusion, for any relationship where a man beats a woman up for a particular reason or no genuine reason, such woman should try as much as possible to avoid such relationship, and if it a marriage, you as a woman has the right and responsivity on you to call on a counselor for proper advise than letting a man beating you up dead. Every woman should always remember that marriage is a life time contract but it is not by force.

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