Side Effects Of Partner Always Receiving Ex Call In A Relationship

Receiving Ex Calls:

In a relationship where there is no love, a lot of things are bound to go wrong. When a partner is always receiving an ex calls, it shows clearly that something is wrong somewhere or perhaps should we say there is no cause for alarm?

Your partner receiving an ex call is actually different from when your partner ‘always’ receive an ex calls.  You may need to calm yourself down because receiving ex calls might not be a problem but when it is ‘frequent’ then you might need to sound the alarm.

Do You Really Love Your Partner?  

‘Once known is always known’ this statement is most applicable in a relationship, any person who is in a relationship should know that it is dangerous to or frequently communicate with an ex lover or even have an attachment to such person. Why?

If you truly love your partner, you will always have to respect their presence and protect them in their absence, this is very important in every relationship.

1. Relationship Value: What is your partner worth to you and what is the value of your relationship? A relationship that has no value will always end up in breakup. Value commands respect, a relationship without value promotes unfaithfulness as a result of partner’s ignorance.

Receiving your ex call gives an unpleasant signal to your partner, even when you mean no harm. Understanding in relationship plays a big role in shielding a relationship. 

However, there may be cases where our partners and their ex have been running a business or something important together before they split up, so it might be difficult to instantly let go in such scenario. 

Nevertheless, it is your own responsibility to make your partner understand what you want and what is good for the relationship, even when your partner is ignorance of it.

2. Mistrust:  Partners who picks their ex calls could make the other partner loss trust in relationship. Relationships must be open, so as to know what is going on at both partners end, do not hide anything especially your past relationships experience with your partner, they need to understand so it will not create a scene of mistrust  along the line.

Note that the moment a partner losses trust in you, it is always very hard to regain such trust again so, when dealing with issues like past relationships, it is meant to be open to your partner if not mistrust could lead to relationships break up and it may never be amended.

3. Respect: No matter what your ex may have in contract with you, in the first place, it is disrespectful to pick their call in the presence of your partners not to mention of receiving their calls often. Receiving your ex calls at this point is disrespectful and could harm your relationship, do not use little ignorance of such to break your relationship.

Also, trying to avoid your ex calls in your partners presence and later receiving their calls in their absence is also bad, learn to be plain in order to build a kind of solid foundation in marriage.

4. Secret: Another major effect of receiving your ex calls is that receiving an ex calls makes your partner think that you are having a extra material affair outside of your marriage or could also mean that you are double dating in your relationship.

5. Jealousy: One of the major factors that destroy relationships is when a partner is being jealous, though it is normal to get jealous in a relationship but when jealousy becomes too often then it could lead to relationship breakups.

That is on one hand, on the other hand, it is possible to create jealousy in your relationship and at the end ruin your own relationship with your very ignorance, how is this possible? When you form the habit of receiving your ex’s calls, then you are indirectly creating problem in for yourself and your relationship.

6. Breakup: If you value your relationship and do not want your relationship to end in breakup then you have to handle your relationship with care. You need to understand the value your relationship holds and how much you care about your partner than your ex. Without a proper understanding of this, you might easily lose your relationship to your ex.

The proper thing to do is to make your partner understand why you are communicating with your ex-partner and the purpose of the communication. However it is not a bad thing to contact your ex but it is more harmful to your relationship if your ex calls you often than expected.

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