Is Relationship Perfect? Solution To Imperfection In Relationship

The Imperfect:

My relationship is always not perfect as I see so many other relationships glowing and fruitful; I keep wondering where I and my partners have been getting it all wrong, It bothers me a lot why my relationship isn’t perfect.

I broke up my previous relationship just because it wasn’t as productive as I expected amidst all this, my friends relationship are blossoming and flourishing. I observed that we do have a sort of argument anytime we spend time together and most especially when there are bills to pay.

As a lady expenses must definitely come, I have to take care of myself and my needs, and I expected that, since I am with him it should be his responsibility to take care of the bills. I also observed that everything sometimes always go well but at some point the relationship gets boring, and there was lack of communications as well.

There are so many things that I also feel that we should do perfectly together but things were not working out. Whereas, I see so many perfect relationships out there doing great and flourishing, then I wonder why mine isn’t. I don’t know why this is happening to me I feel that I can have a perfect relationship just like others who do, but I am not. – Susan

 Solution To Imperfection In Relationship

As humans, we sometimes believe in perfection at some point and most especially in our relationships, because we try to learn from people, our relationships gets frustrated and eventually end up in breakup.

If you are looking for perfection in a relationship, it’s seemingly like finding a needle in the desert.

Looking for a perfect relationship could make you lose every relationship you are in.
The fact is, nothing on earth is perfect, so as humans. We all have our shortcomings, the only thing to guarantee perfection is God. So expecting perfection in a relationship is like working into failure with confidence.

Huffpost said the true perfection lies in your imperfections, so stop looking for the perfect partner.

Learn to balance things out with your partner and build your relationship on less expectation rather than perfection, relationship is meant to be balance and managed, it is not meant to be perfect.

 Develop Growth Mindset

For those who you see their relationship flourishing or shining, it is not that they do not have challenges they encounter, infact many people in relationships cover their problems with smiles on their faces, a way to pretend and for you to believe their marriages or relationships are perfect.

Nobody wants to be mocked, especially people who we look up to as our mentors, because of this, they pretend to have a good, standard or problem free relationship but deep inside  them, the appearance is far way different from their reality as the problem they face in their relationships may be even more greater than yours.

So, do not mix things up, no relationship is perfect you can only balance and manage your relationship to suit your taste, don’t let people confuse you. All you need to do when you observe that your relationship isn’t working well is to exercise much patient with your partner and learn to understand the cause of the problem.

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