How To Stay Attractive In Relationship And Gains Your Man Attention

 Staying Attractive:

If you try to please your man with everything you got, going as far as giving him all the satisfactions in bed, like doggy style, missionary style, even monkey style, you still will not gain an unfaithful partners attention. 

If you try to satisfy humans then you might end up fooling yourself.

But isn’t it still worth the sacrifice to try your best in your relationship as you do more to attract your partner and gain attention?

Among other things that prevent a relationship from break up, a ladies appearance and how you maintain your beauty plays a very important role to attract a man in a relationship and gain his attention.

 Things That Attracts a Man

Despite the countless effort to gain a mans attention, some efforts a woman puts in the ways to prevent her marriage from breakup may be worthless, as she tries to be good at cooking, morals, cleanliness, neatness, holiness, respect, obedience, love, faithfulness, decency and every other things. There are some major challenges that could lead to loss of attraction in relationships.

 Why Relationship Leads To Break Up

Everyday relationship leads to breakup and marriages are broken mainly because of loss of attraction from a partner. Stated above are essentials in relationships but it does not enhance the beauty of the relationship when there is no vibes or fun.

We all know that attraction calls for immediate and endless attention. When a woman is naturally beautiful and possesses the attribute of beauty in her, she attracts and immediately calls for a mans attention.

Beauty promotes a relationship and enhances the fun in marriage; the more reason why a lady needs to take good care of her body to consistently call for her mans attention.

Keeping Your Beauty

Among other reasons, how a lady can keep her beauty determines how her relationship is shielded. Most ladies miss out from this with the notion and believe that when they get married they do not need all the packaging and care their body needs as before when they were in courtship.

This is where most ladies get it all wrong, when you are in courtship you maintain constant beauty and care for your body to keep attracting your man and also call his attention.

You may not know this, but among other things that pull a man to his wife or partner is how she maintains herself, her body and beauty respectively. The moment she losses the quality the more the fun reduces in a relationship and soon such a relationship gets boring and could easily lead to breakup.

 Do more To Attract Your Man

So why not do more to attract your man, and prevent your relationship from breakup. The right way to attract your partner goes beyond sex but does that mean that sex does not shield a relationship?

Of course it does, but it shouldn’t be the foundation of any relationship, if you make sex the basis and foundation of your relationship, then you are automatically structuring and directing your relationship in disaster which will someday end in breakup.

However, being on the right track to attract your partner and gain his attention is a major challenge for many. The truth is that attracting a man to you and making a man gain your attention has much to do with how you maintain your physical appearance.


What Most Men Get Attracted To In Relationship

Wait for a moment, what do you think most men get attracted to in you, and how are you being noticed by a man? Men are visual creatures and are in someway attracted by your beauty and your sexual looks.

Though if you ask most men, what is it that got their attention and attraction to you as a lady, they might say it is because of your composure and communicative skills, some may even say because of your intellectual skills and more, but deep inside of them there is something more.

 All men are mostly attracted to a lady’s appearance, beauty and the way she comports herself.


Loss Of Attraction 

Loss of attraction could easily lead to premature marriage and call for a divorce, it happens when a lady does not in any way attract a man even when she tries to gain her man’s attention.

Another factor that may cause loss of attraction in a relationship is when we are in expectance of something yet we could not get it.

Woman Fibroid Click To Buy Now

These happen mostly in marriages, when both partners are looking for the fruit of the womb (child). Childbearing could be a great challenge in marriage and it could make relationship less meaningful.

Barrenness is sometimes caused by fibroid. Fibroid is common in women as it delays the ability of child birth or inability to get pregnant.

It is stated that the cause of fibroids isn’t well known though its risk factors might include family history of fibroid, obesity or early stage of puberty. Healthline talked about the symptoms, causes and types of fibroid.

It’s more reason why you have to maintain a good body health care and always do good to attract you man to protect your relationship.

Don’t let anyone fool you, you definitely have to stay attractive to gain a mans attention. Attraction is a major problem and challenge in marriages and one of the major reasons why many marriages are broken.

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