Can A Jealous Person Change? Harm In Telling A Jealous Partner Your Relationship Pasts

Is It Good To Tell Your Partner Your Past In a Relationship?

A jealous partner does not know that your past does not define you, instead they act on their own instinct.

It is only good to tell your past to a person who is full of understanding but do not make the mistake to tell a jealous partner about your past. They will always use it against you.

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There is no problem if you share your past relationship life with an understanding partner, but it is more harmful to your relationship if you tell a jealous partner your past relationship life. Your past does not define you but to a jealous partner does, because they will never let go of such memories.

Can Telling Your Partner Your Past Harm Your Relationship?

A jealous partner will picture and imagine your past as more damaging than you can ever imagine. Knowing fully well that your past does not define you, to a jealous partner it is the opposite because your past will always be what such partner will use in qualifying you everytime similar issues occur.

Jealousy could destroy a relationship if you accommodate it, though it is normal to get jealous in relationships but it is more damaging to a relationship if a partner gets too jealous about almost everything.

Jealousy exposes relationship to the wrong atmosphere, jealousy pollutes relationships and kills the joy, happiness, fun and beauty in it.

In a relationship where a partner is the jealous type, you will find no peace in such relationship, jealousy makes a relationship frustrating, boring and it could eventually lead relationship to break up.

A jealous partner will always find mistakes in everything you do. Jealousy makes you see everything as a mistake and it makes you talk about everything else in the relationship which in turn kills the beauty and love in the relationship, thereby, making the feelings gradually fade away.

Most people do not believe that your past does not define you, especially the jealous ones.
Jealous partners will always monitor your movement and will never find trust in you so far you have a similar experience which you have told them. 

They are always ignorant that your past does not define you in any way, because you had a bad experience or life does not mean you can’t have a good life or change for the better.

But a jealous partner will never see it that way; they will always believe you might be dangerous, harmful and unfaithful to even do worse, however it is also important to know how faithful a partner is. It is until a jealous partner kills his or her own relationship before they realize the damage they have caused.

Should You Break Up With A Jealous Partner?

A jealous partner will always hurt you and your relationship but should you let go or give up on your relationship?

The determinant of these depends on how much you value the relationship, whether you should give up on it or not. Though jealousy will ruin a relationship in no time because as time goes on the relationship becomes frustrating, irritating and boring, and both partners may go their separate ways without saying goodbye.

However, the value of a relationship is what shield the relationship and protect it from break up. Relationship values are greater than jealousy. This is more reason why both partner should know the Importance of Courtship and why Bachelors And Spinsters End Up With The Wrong Partners

Though, jealousy may damage so many things in relationships but it could still stand it’s ground if the value in such relationship is very high and secured.

How Do You Help To Change A Jealous Partner?

If you love your partner and so much value your relationship, you should find all means to make your relationship work, especially when your partner’s only weakness is the jealousy.

To help your partner is to help your relationship; It is by nature that relationships can not be perfect as one person is weak and the other is strong and vice versa. In this kind of situation, you must understand that helping each other is what can shield the relationship, so you 
need to take responsibilities to help.

These Are Few Ways To Change A Jealous Partner:

Actually past experiences play a negative role in relationships and here are the things you should do.

At this point you have a big role to play if you truly love your partner.

·        You will need to help out jealous partners to adjust their past life and make them to understand the effects of being jealous.
·        You have to let a jealous partner know that the effect is breakup, if your partners love you and do not want the relationship to collapse then they should adjust.
·        Let jealous partners know that acting on their negative past can not fix a present relationship.
·        And comparing their past relationships with yours does not make any difference but ends in violence, rejects and breakup.
·        You might also need to adjust yourself everytime for you to prove a jealous partner right.
·        Ask your partner what he or she likes and dislikes. When they tells you, work on it.
·        After getting them done, you should also tell such a jealous partner what you want and what you don’t.
·        By this time, let your partner know you have complied with their own condition so they can also act on yours as well. To this end, you can help a jealous partner change his ways and choose a different and positive path in life which also impacts your relationship positively.

 How Do You Help A Jealous Partner?

1. Trust: If you do not build your foundation on trust your partner will never trust you, moreover he or she is a jealous type so they will never trust you for anything good instead they will keep finding silly faults in you as to get you frustrated. Nothing will work if you do not first build your relationship on trust because a jealous partner will never accept the truth even when you prove to such partner that your past does not define you.

2. Understanding: Call your partners attention, make them understand the damage jealousy can cause your relationship. Let your partner understand that jealousy always end up in regrets, as jealousy will always paint a person black no matter how good and what good the person does.

3. Confidence: After you might have tried building trust and make your partner understand the harm jealousy can cause in a relationship, building confidence in your partner is another way to help fight against jealousy in relationship. How do you build confidence? You have to make everything you do transparent to your partner, let your partner know your moves and never lie to him or her about a thing. Update your partner every time an error occurs.

4. Communication: How often do you communicate with your partner? Communication is key in every relationship setting and you have to learn how to have good communication skills because it greatly helps the relationship to survive and most especially when a partner is jealous.

5. Patience: The level of patience you have determines the level at which your relationship will succeed; both lovers must understand that patience holds the success in every relationship, when you know your partner is a jealous person, it is your duty and responsibility to be patience with them.

Since jealousy will never make your partner understand that your past does not define you, it is important that both you and your partner who is a jealous person should always try as much as possible to always exercise patience. Without patience in a relationship, a promising future is not guaranteed.

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