7 Reasons Why You Don’t Feel Loved And Partner Doesn’t Care

Partner Doesn’t Care:

In relationships there are lots of ups and downs, everything can not be perfect because life is not a bed of roses. This is the more reason why you should understand that relationships could be curled rather than been straight, at times as you may not feel loved and your partner may not care about it.

Love is a beautiful thing but when issues start surfacing then there would be a serious problem which could also result in heart breaks.

Sometimes, relationships can be so interesting, fun, meaningful and with a good prospect, on the other hand sometimes, relationship could be so worrying and challenging that you may need to ask yourself how  you got into such kind of a relationship.

A relationship challenge is when one partner is not feeling loved and the other partner doesn’t care about what happens. This happens mostly when a person is already in love and the other partner in a relationship isn’t. This brings us to identify the challenges from both the man and the woman in a relationship, where one does not feel loved and the other partner doesn’t care.

 Why You Don’t Feel Loved And Your Partner Doesn’t Care  

1. Irritation: It might be hard to believe but irritation is one of the factors that makes you not to feel loved and makes your partner not to care about it. How does irritation works in relationships? Irritation is the total absence of feelings which in turn discharges the love in a partner and makes you feel not worth seeing.

When a partner feels irritated it is hard to reverse the case because it always in most cases end up that you worth nothing in your partners presence. This is not something that happens all of a sudden but a feeling built gradually in the heart of your partner.

In the first place; It all started at the inception of the relationship, I mean at the beginning of a relationship. How? It most times happen that the foundation of the relationship is based on lust rather than love or relationship benefits.

2. Mistaking Lust for Love: From the beginning of a relationship, individual motives are always different as a partner will claim to love you for a particular reason while you will also fall in love for your particular reason.

Most lovers fall for lust rather than love. Falling for lust means they fall for the material things in you, your physical appearance like beauty, cuteness, handsomeness and your money are likely the things they fall for.

People who fall for lust do not love you for who you are but what you possess and this is why they find all means to take advantage of you, at this point you think it is true love but to them it just lust they are after and they are very prepared to take advantage of you no matter how hard you play hard to get.

This people will always take their time to show you how much they love you just to convince you on how much they love you but at the end when you end up being in love, they seem to care less again. 

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3. Benefit achievers: Well, these sets of lovers are similar to those who are after lust rather than love in a relationship. They are always after their own benefit and interest alone. They will always try to play the ball to your court as to prove to you how much they love you whereas, they are just fooling you to take advantage of you rather than loving you.

At the end you will get to realise that you were never loved and your partner doesn’t care about you. When their intentions and missions are achieved they make the relationship boring.

4. Boredom: In a true relationship, boredom is not part of what makes a relationship interesting, instead it damages the relationship and leaves it to shatter and scatter in no time. As you notice relationship is getting boring and partner is silent.

When you notice your relationship is starting to get boring, then it should either be that a partner is of his own benefit or interests alone rather than yours, it might also be that a partner is after lust rather than love, and also it may mean that the relationship has no value as everything now becomes irritating.

Boredom births irritation, when everything seems to get boring in a relationship such a relationship will eventually lose its taste and become worthless. Long distance relationship could also make a relationship boring as you may not feel loved and your partner does not care.

5. Unfaithfulness: One of the major reasons why you may not feel loved and your partner doesn’t care may be as a result of your partner’s unfaithfulness. When a partner is unfaithful in a relationship as he or she goes out to have an extra marital affair in marriage or double dating in a relationship then there would be a great problem.

Because it is easier to give attention to a new lover than an existing one, you should know when your partner is faithful or unfaithful in relationship so as to shield your relationship.

6. Sex before Marriage: Most people encourage sex before marriage in relationships which does not in anyway shield or determine the success of a relationship leading to marriage. When relationships foundation is based on sex, then such relationship is meant to crumble in a matter of time.

Infact a relationship built on sex will always end up in regrets. If you have the mindsets that sex can make a relationship successful please take that mentality off your mind because it does not and never will. Sex before marriage is just a mental game fake lovers play to their own advantage, they will always convince you that having sex before marriage will work but  all are lies, be guided.

7. Mismanagement: Every factor we have stated above leads to a partner not feeling loved and the other partner doesn’t care. It is basically the result of how we compose ourselves and how we handle our relationships.

Management deals with your beliefs and how you develop growth mindset towards your relationship life. What you believe in defines you and when your partner sees that your mindset is weak then, it is easy to take advantage of you in your relationship.

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