Relationship Is Getting Boring and My Partner Is Silent

Relationship Fix

Relationship without fun is nothing but a waste of time. A boring relationship could easily lead to break up and the truth be told, if your partner is silent in your relationship then there is a problem, but don’t panic yet as we try to find a solution to the problem.

We are blunt by saying the truth so our readers will not be misled and come to regret.

A relationship that seem boring to one of the partners and not to the other partner simple means someone is not feeling the vibes while the other is struggling with something else. This could make a partner turn deaf and dump in a relationship.
Smile, I don’t mean the literal deaf and dump but it simply means making our partner not connect with us.

Sometimes, it may not be what we think that is actually happening when it comes to relationships and even outside our relationship.
But we will briefly state the main reason why relationships get boring and why our partner is silent.

Was your partner boring or silent before you guys met or started the relationship? If yes, boredom could make a man silent, and on the other hand silence could also make a person boring.

If this is how it is then you have a great job to do if you truly love your partner and want him or her to dance to your tune. Letting your partner dance to your tune or change is not an easy thing especially if you are in a long distance relationship.

So many people who are serious about their relationship, try to change their partner’s way of life mostly end up getting married to each other as they see progress. Progress is the key, do not marry a partner who you do not see any positive change in. When I mean positive, it means you have to be well assured it is positive and not faking it.

Faking personalities has landed many people into wrong marriages with regrets as they try to change their partners thinking. Their partner is gradually starting to possess a positive change, so they get married with the aim that he or she will change completely when married, later to realise that their partner was faking it all the while by pretending to be a changed person only because he or she wants to settle down.

So, don’t make the mistake. When trying to change a person, be smart about it. Humans are very funny and cunny at the same time, so don’t fall into marriage with regret.

But if your relationship is boring and your partner is silent after sometime in your relationship then there is more to be fixed.

1.      Dispute: Probably there is a dispute you haven’t resolved, a sort of misunderstand might have happened between you guys which has not been correctly resolved, find time among yourselves and fix those things. Break up is not far from this kind of relationship because you can never agree, and it could make your partner silent and your relationship boring as time goes on. Find a good time and fix it amicably. Remember we must disagree in a relationship and issues must come up but we must try by all means to resolve those issues as soon as it happens, that is the beauty of a relationship and that shows how much we love our partner, failure to do this could lead to a relationship disaster.
2.      Understanding: How well do you understand your partner, do you know what he or she is passing through, how open are the both of you to each other? Understand our partner pays a very crucial role in our relationship life. Does your partner tell you things and you take it the other way that turns to serious and several arguments? If this is the case, then we have to work out a way to understand our partners better so as not to ruin our relationship. They may be having a hard time which they keep to themselves maybe based on lack of understand and how we will feel about it they decide not to tell us. These little things are serious and could make a relationship fail.
3.      Communication: How often do you see to communicate? What do you talk about and how often do you communicate, what is your level of communication skill, are you boring yourself? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself when trying to determine and find solutions to why your relationship is boring and why your partner is silent. Communication is very prominent and necessary. In a relationship, we should always find our way around it.
4.      Attraction: Are you still attractive to your partner, this is one thing that easily break relationship. We have to be sensitive about so many things in our relationship which attraction is one of them. Do you feel you are not getting attracted to him like you always do? Well, the solution is quite simple before things get out of hand.
5.      Attention: Attention is also part of why relationships could get boring and why your partner may be silent; when a partner isn’t getting enough attention from us then it may easily piss off our partner and could make the relationship boring to them. To handle this, read on how toattract your man and gain his attention if you are a lady.

Above all, our relationship might be boring because our partner is naturally tired of the relationship, this is natural and neutral in most cases, it most times happens that our partner simply lost interest without any reason.

The painful part is that they may try their best not to let it happen but by nature it will. This could easy lead to a broken heart and a failed relationship. But still do not give up, if you have any private matter to disclose or discuss with us, you can easy contact us or comment below to reach out to us and we will be happy to help you out.

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