No Time And Money In Relationship: Should I Break Up?

My Biggest Relationship Challenges

Why relationships fail is either because there is no enough time spent to nurture it or there is an imbalance in financial stability. To this end, this simply means that when there is no time and money commitment and vibes in the relationship are limited.

Time In Relationship

When our partner does not create time for us, it is quite different from helping us in times of financial need and support, nevertheless both time and money are very essential in a relationship. When we are in a relationship that our lover can not give us, commit or devote the time we deserve based on the fact that he or she is a busy person due to work, which we can also see for ourselves that work is the only hindrance, then it should be sorted out amicably and well understood between the two partners.

But it’s really bad in a case where our partner was initially not a busy type from inception, I mean before you started the relationship, but then suddenly becomes one without a genuine reason, as he starts to bring up excuses of being busy and yet can not clarify such actions.

Whilst they claimed to be busy, if they have no reason with proof then the relationship is heading nowhere. Perhaps your partner is tired of the relationship but he or she does not know how to break the news to you, but let not jump into conclusion because there might be some other factor that could lead to such act.
Let take a look at financial instability (money) and how it could affect the growth in a relationship.

Effects Of Financial Instability In Relationships

Money on the other hand, is what gives the relationship the vibes it needs, the truth is when there is lack of money there is lack of entertainment and vibes, lack of confidence, lack of pride to take responsibility, insecurity and lack of trust as well. When this in its entirety is incorporated in a relationship, then there is a problem.
What We should Understand.

It is well understood that money is as important as love in a relationship, infact in this generation and modern world we live in today love without money is almost impossible to shield a relationship and to make a relationship survive. But take note; money should not be the priority of a relationship, when we see our partners lacking financially although he tries his best to take his responsibilities and to shield the relationship but somehow he could not meet up.

It is our ultimate responsibility as a partner to always encourage them and support each other, rather than putting blames on them. I notice this happen only when there is true love thought!

Well I do not blame many ladies who are not supportive in their relationships, because many are scare not to lose at both ends based on their individual experiences. Probably, he might call for a breakup in the relationship. Yes this is possible too but one thing most of us in relationship do not understand is that at the inception of a relationship when the relation is still at the initial stage, I mean in courtship. 

This is the best time to groom ourselves, to learn on how to handle things and improve ourselves, we should always forget about what we are to lose because at the end we end up grooming ourselves for the better future as we support our partner now. Though our partner many not appreciate it but see it as an opportunity to take advantage of us, but we have to do it and keep it going so far we know we know we are doing the right thing.

Note: Since good and evil deeds in the world count, as we all shall reap what we sow, why not keep doing the right thing and never be discouraged.

As for women who are in a relationship, your partners aren’t your fathers, you should never put too much of responsibilities and expectations on them because they also have their own responsibilities to carry, moreover you are not married to them yet.

What Married Woman Should Understand

So, if ladies go as far as carrying all responsibilities on a man and expect the relationship not to fail, surely the relationship would. However for marriage couples, because we are marriage to a man does not make him a money making machine.

The best advice is to know who your partner is before marriage, know their strength and weakness and capabilities before getting marriage to them, courtship season isthe best time to know all this things not when we are in marriage, if you do you might end up ruining your marriage.

Many relationship and even marriage are broken because of the two basic factors time and money which are one big challenge in a relationship.

Why Relationship Fail

When money seems to be the foundation of any relationship then there is high tendency that a relationship could fail and fade so quickly as true love might not have a place to stay. True love in a relationship keeps a relationship up to its feet even when challenges arise.

What Depreciate Relationship Value

Making money a priority in a relationship depreciates the true value of love, and when time is cut short or not well spent then there is a need to have a rethink for such a relationship because it is heading no where.

The truth is, without money and time in a relationship it is always very difficult to manage and maintain the relationship. It is quite easy to fall in love but it is very difficult to maintain such relationship most especially when time and money are not strongly involved.

Though, money should not be the main reason why love or a relationship should exist but it should be a form of support to bring out the best out of a relationship. When time and money is missing relationships could turn to be boring and when boredom comes into play it could easily lead to relationship breakups.

Don’t Mess Things Up

If we really and truly observe many marriages, at first most couples try as much as possible to make their relationships work during courtship, because they seem not to spend much, as they feel that love and trust are the basic things.

At the stage of courtship things may not be very clear to them, but as soon as they get married and sleep under the same roof, share the same room and all stuffs together in the home, while taking responsibilities, it happens that issues will gradually start to surface as expenses are getting higher and there might be nothing they could do about it.

Here, arguments and misunderstanding comes in, this has led to so many broken homes and marriages when most do not have the capability to maintain the home.
This is also applicable to relationships outside of marriages, as men, when we notice that we can not handle the financial crisis in our relationships, then we should make our woman understand what the situation of things are before things gets worse.

Moreover, partners are meant to support and assist each others but if a woman does not understand and  do not care to know about how much effort you as a man put to make things work, then it is best to opt out of such relationship as soon as possible because it might ruin you. As a man a lady whom you can not handle or satisfy her wants, needs and financial issues at the time of courtship or dating would be more difficult to satisfy your desires in marriage.

In conclusion, understanding is the key to a successful relationship, regardless of time and money factor.

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