Is My Partner Faithful To My Relationship And Marriage?

Relationship and Faithfulness:

Faithfulness in a relationship or marriage is not determined by how peaceful and happy a marriage is, because partners in relationship will always have their flaws and shortcomings. When sometime looks good does not mean that it does not have it bad side.

Faithfulness in a relationship or marriage is not determined by how peaceful and happy a marriage is, because partners in relationship will always have their flaws and shortcomings.

To determine if your partner is faithful to you solely depends on some factors which we shall discuss. To have a faithful partner is more like searching for a diamond among stones, it is quite difficult to find, especially in this modern and more corrupt world that we leave in where social media has stolen the true love in people and most people now prefer to live a fake life.


What Do Faithfulness Mean?

Faithfulness means so many things such as loyalty, devotion, commitment, trust, trustworthiness, and many more. Relationships without faithfulness is worthless and isn’t worth a relationship.

So many marriages has failed due to the fact that many couples end up being unfaithful to their partners which in turns lead to break up in the relationships.
But does that mean that there are no faithful partners?
Yes there are but they are hard to find. The fact is, a faithful partner can only be known when the relationship is facing the test of time yet he or she still remains loyal.

Faithfulness in a relationship or marriage is not determined by how peaceful and happy a marriage is, because partners in relationship will always have their flaws and shortcomings.  When sometime looks good does not mean that it does not have it bad side.

Most of the relationships we experience today are full of deceptive outward appearances. When we dig deep, we will realise that people’s appearances does not define their true reality.

The Survival

People fake things to survive, so many marriages are based on condition and benefits, many are in relationship because they do not have any other alternative or means to survive, they solemnly and secretly depend on their partners as they become a prey to feed on their partners.

When we see a good home, it does not mean that they are perfect, infact most of the good homes we wished could be ours are home full of secrets that partners can not share with themselves.

To know the level of faithfulness in your relationship is to find faults in it. A relationship without fault is protected by the frame of good deeds and that does not determine how faithful a man or a woman is in marriage, but a relationship that we find fault in exposes the secrets hidden in it and from there we can deduct our faults to judge if a man is faithful or a woman is faithful in marriage or in a relationship.


Finding Faithful Partner

Finding the faithfulness in a relationship goes beyond trust and how loyal a person could be. Faithfulness is about digging out our wrongs, mistakes and good deeds then weighing them all and see which weighs the most. If our good actions weigh more than our bad actions then we can conclude or consider a person to be faithful.

We humans are imperfect and we are bound to make mistakes, even costly ones but the beauty in a marriage or relationship is that when mistakes are made it should be known to both partners, to rectify within the period. But above that, it becomes a secret and could lead to unfaithfulness.

Unfaithfulness and Instances

For instance, a woman that gave birth to four children and 3 among them do not belong to her husband, while the husband believes he gave birth to all the four children and nurse them to some certain again. In this regard, unknowingly, such a man will always believe that the woman is being faithful to him without his knowledge.  

If the man dies with the love of his family in his heart then, he will believe for sure without no conviction that the woman has been faithful to him.
But let’s assume that the family is about to go for a vacation outside of the country and they are obliged to go through DNA test before they can have access to their visa, and there the result of the DNA comes out negative to show that the man isn’t the biological father of three of the four children; Now the true test of who is truly faithful in marriage or relationship comes into play.

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This may also happens to a man who had affairs outside of his marriage, the wife may think that her husband is faithful to her, not until faults starts to show up.  In fact, the wife may later realise that the man is having an affair outside of their relationship and even go as far as having kids with another Woman. 

However divorce isn’t the solution, particularly when the unfaithful spouse is remorseful and devoted to changing. Here are some things you need to know if you are dealing with the fallout of infidelity in your marriage. – huffpost

Shielding Your Relationship

To shield your relationship and bring the best out of it, it’s best to believe that nothing is wrong with your marriage or relationship and live with it, but if you are a kind of person who can not live with such and you suspect your spouse is having an affair outside of your relationship or something worse, it is up to you to take the risk to investigate. 

Note when taking such risk, you should know it is hundred percent at your own risk and if your partner is guilty then you should also know you are to take the credit. Nevertheless let know one push you to destroy you relationship. Be wise when making and taking decisions so you may not end up with regret.

My last word for you; remember what Ecclesiastes said about knowledge “The more you know, the more you get hurt, the more you understand the more you suffer”. And I will say “Knowledge is power and curiosity hunts for it, but when too curious about a thing, it hurts, destroys and could kill”.

So mind the way you seek to know, it might cost you to lose your happiness and everything you might have labour so hard for. It is better not to know and stay happy than to know and be filled with bitterness, all the same, strive to know.

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