In Love But People Take You For Granted In Your Relationship?

Showing Much Love:

Do you get so much in love with people but at the end you end up in regrets? Relationship sometimes needs to be secretive, in a way, of hiding some of your strengths and weaknesses away from your partner.

The main reason why you always end up in regrets and why your partner take you for granted is mainly because you shot yourself on the leg. What does this mean?

Basically, the main reason why you always end up in regrets and why your partner take you for granted is mainly because you shot yourself on the leg. What does this mean?

Shooting yourself on the leg simple means, you made your weaknesses known to them and they took massive advantage of it, which is the main reason why they take you for granted at the end.

Do you always feel useless, cheated and rejected anytime you love someone so much? Well this happens because you are actually truly in love but your partner isn’t.
So, you ask yourself why am I so much in love and why do people take me for granted at the end?

This is obviously a challenge that most people face when starting relationship and this is why people are so afraid to be heart broken. But still, we have to love and life must move on, with or without us. So all we need is some tips to keep us going so we can stop making the same mistakes. We cannot endure consistent heartbreak.
“To solve a problem is to know what exactly the problem is, but when a problem is not known then we may never get out of such problem”.

But having opened this link means that you know your problem and that is the main reason why you are here, so let us rub minds together.
Emotions: When in love it is so easy to get carried away, we feel like a baby and we always want to act like one right? If yes, that is emotions playing with your mind. Though there is no way emotion will not come to play in relationships but when emotions take over our sense of reasoning then we will surely misbehave.

That misbehavior could easily trigger a form of irritation in our partner, you may be in love but your partner may not see it that way, sometimes they see it as madness or being a fool, the moment they see us act like one then they easily take advantage of us because we have clearly stated and shown them our weakness.

Emotions are powerful and it could easily tell who is most in love in a relationship, this is normal but gone are the days. Wake up! This is the 21st century people are not sleeping they are smart and the world is corrupt to accommodate more corrupted and evil minded people, so when in love use your mind and your brain wisely in love, love with your mind but let your brain lead you.

Nevertheless, being emotional in a relationship is not a bad thing but it is better not to let it be too obvious, it is best when emotions are leveled between two partners than one person being more obviously emotional than the other. It could easily trigger irritation and also shows our weak spot.
Anxiety: the second on the list is anxiety; expecting too much from something that may mean nothing, it could also be a feeling of being worried about a thing, anxiety affect the mind and it could result in mood swing or depression and even worse. Anxiety could destroy a relationship in a twinkle of an eye. Because when we are too worried about things or our partners they may get pissed off easily.

Expectations: Too much of everything is not good. Too much of expectations from our relationships or our partners could ruin our relationship. Don’t expect too much even if you want more, relationship is built on a gradual process and courtship stands as a time in a relationship when you get to know your partner the more. So take your time to know who your partner is and focus more on improving on yourself to become a better person.

Do not let your relationship be your major priority as a young lady or man, let your success be your first priority, invest more in yourself and make your relationship your second priority.

In conclusion; What you should know is that human beings are very cunning in nature, when they want something from you they pretend to love you endlessly but when they have gotten what they want you are nothing and more useless to them.

So, you see the reasons why you should trust no one but yourself and the more reason why you should first invest in yourself then thereafter so as to avoid been taking for granted, make your relationship your second investment. With this, you will love less and your partner will not know your weakness so as to take advantage of you or take you for granted.

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