Parents Mistakes And Imperfections And Why They Should Be Forgiven

Mistakes are bound to be made because humans are imperfect but the most important thing is to learn to forgive others, forgiveness goes a long way in the human race to succeed and to have eternal happiness.

It is by nature that we may offend one another; as a say goes “forgive, so you can have someone to talk to the next time”

Learning To Forgive

It is by nature that we may offend one another; as a say goes “forgive, so you can have someone to talk to the next time”. The world survives on forgiveness because forgiveness ills.

Anybody can offend us but the best way to tell them you are more matured than they is to learn to let go of peoples offenses. Forgiveness is also a good way to stay out of worries which in turn gives us a long life. When we stay out of worries there are high tendencies of having a long life.

Mistakes are bound to be made and it is of course our loved ones or people we so much love and put much trust in that hurts us the most but still, we need to make room for forgiveness so we can also be forgiven. There could be something that our parents may have done to us that might be uncalled for, they may have embarrassed us indoor and out there in public, insult us and punish us for what we know nothing about but still we must learn to forgive. 

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Learning to forgive our parents is our main topic of discussion today. Here are the reasons with proof why we should forgive our parents unconditionally.
Parents are Irreplaceable: Well someone of us may think, our parents are replaceable but the truth is that parents can’t be replaceable. Our parents are our small god and we have nothing we can do about it, we can’t change their personality but we can try change their way of life, only if they give us a chance. But then, most parents mistakes and ideology about children is that children do not have the right, knowledge or experience to tell them what is right or wrong.

Parents believe that they have total control and authority over their children, but this is a big mistake on their path. Because of this mindset they carry, most beautiful homes has been broken and shattered; lack of understanding between parents and children could cause confusion in the homes and it could lead to lack of trust.

There are instances where we see that many parents out their can not confidently or boldly come out to defend their children by words or actions. When this happens most children are left with no choice than to keep things to them and as they grow, this becomes an open wound in their heart that may not heal.
A Rethink:

However, no matter what our parents might have done to us or the wrong and mistakes they might have made, we must learn to forgive our parent wrongs because they are still our parents and we as children will someday become parents and in one way or the other we will always offend our children no matter how wise or knowledgeable, intelligent or smart we are, it is natural to make mistakes.

Parents Are Imperfect:  

Every man is made with imperfections in them and this is what makes us human. Humans are imperfect by nature, this applies to either the child or parents, we are all bound to make mistakes, silly and costly ones so since we know this, we must learn to let go or forgive our parents for their wrongs.

Some Parents Are Primitive

In the world today some parents do not have the time to research deeply on what are actually trending, the children challenges and what is it that a child knows that they as parent do not know; Most Parents focus more on how to make money, by this they remain fixed in their mindset. A fixed mind set is a mind that never grows or a mind that do not receive any more information or knowledge to itself than what it has known.

So, instead of developing a growth mindset according to mindsetkit. Parents time to time feel that it is not necessary or important. They become outdated to what young adults know and in the long run they lag behind advanced knowledge, recent event and happenings and this might cause a big misunderstanding and may lead to a broken home.

A Rethink:

Since we have known how primitive our parents are in knowledge, we should learn to let go of their mistakes because most of our parents do not know what we know, we should learn to correct, here are ways to talk to our parents – kidshealth. 

But if they are adamant to listen to corrections then we have to play the ball to their court by doing whatever they ask of us just to avoid misunderstanding. In any case, that doesn’t mean that we should not act on what is right when a thing is actually right with proof.

 Parent Mindset

One thing is that most parents will never admit to their own wrong doings and mistake when dealing with their children but instead they keep pushing the blame on others or even on us, this might look confusing because we know we didn’t do any wrong but it is natural.

You may want to know why? It is because, our parents mindsets are built on the notion of not being submissive to people who they think are of low class to them, by age, class or by race, and also they use this as an advantage, a shield to guide their reputation and personality. They do not want to stoop so low to admit their wrongs but that is not how things work.

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