How Much Can Your Child Tell You As A Parent

How Well Do You Know Your Child 

How much can your children discuss with you as parents? This is the very first question we should ask ourselves as parents. 

Are you a parent that a child can’t share ideas, knowledge and thoughts with? These are some few things we needed to know and how they could affect our homes. 

As parents, our children should be our best friends; it is possible that we may not have enough time in the world to engage with them

After reflecting on the above questions, we need to realise that the future of our children is in our own hands as parents, and the way we build the foundation for our children determines strongly the level of their success and how they can handle the situation of life.

Most parents are obviously not free with their children, as they seem to be so hard and strict on them with the mindset that this method will make them to choose the right path, this is where most parents get it all wrong.

Will Heavy Hand Make A Child Change?

Handling children with heavy hands and training does not connote that a child will change toward negative actions, but rather handling them with care and understanding their kind of person, plays a long role to influencing them to live a good moral life and then be successful.

The fact is, no matter how hard or tough we treat a child towards choosing the right path; it might not change a thing but could even complicate things the more, because treating a child is more or less like a man treating a woman to love him unconditionally.

Note that it is not about how hard we treat a woman that determines how strong the love will be or how long the relationship would last. It is by the love and affectation we show to them that determines the level of love, care, appreciation, and respect they give to us in return.
As money can not buy true love so as treating a child with hard hands or forcefulness can not make a child learn, listen or love us.

How much of words a child can tell a parent determines on the level of intimacy, love, level of communication, trust, respect and comfort.Most children out there would rather choose to keep secrets with their friends rather than telling their parents what they are passing through.

As parents, our children should be our best friends; it is possible that we may not have enough time in the world to engage with them but we can still spend some good time with them just to let them share their experiences with us.

Most parents do think that children aren’t facing challenges and difficulties in life, but the fact remains that, children faces a lot of difficulties and challenges just like we do.But the most challenging side for the children is that they lack exposure and experience, they do not know how to go about it as much as we do.

So don’t you think as a parent we need to spend more time with our children? The painful and dangerous part of it all is that children are easily influenced by little things, if they don’t see the right people to tell them and teach them the right thing they get easily misleaded by friends.

As we have said earlier on, how much a child can open up to a parent determines on the love, level of communication, trust, respect and comfort. We are going to discuss that in details below:

1. Child Preference: Preferring a child to another plays a negative role in the level of how much our children can discuss with us. “Engaging in child preference is one way to destroying our own homes as parents”. – According to CravingBiz

This is a very dangerous act that we must avoid to invest in if we want a successful and happy home.
2. Love: It is true that most of the parent out their love their children whole heartedly but only few understand the true meaning of love for a child. Though as parents, we may say we love our children with the way we act towards them through the care and other things we give to them, but the love for child goes beyond just that, it takes a bit more.

Note From Author:  On behalf of the children, we sincerely say a very big thank you to the parents that show a huge love to their children. These children may not be able to pay us back for our good efforts now but soon as they grow they will someday reflect on the things we have shown them and the affection we have towards them.

‘Love is a beautiful thing’ when shown the right way. Children as a whole need love to keep them motivated and to carry on with life. Showing our children love by creating an affection that can’t be broken by any means can make a child grow so quickly in knowledge and could also enhance the speed at which a child could succeed.

When the love is unconditional them the bound between a child and parent will always look unbreakable. We need to love our children like we love our spouse or even more, it is only then they can communicate with us and open up to us so freely like two lovers would. This brings us down to how communication could tell how much our children can tell us as parents.

3. Level Of Communication: This greatly shows how close children can get to their parents,  parents who lacks good communication with their children always end up seeing the children doing their thing their own way.

When communication is limited and restricted between children and his parents, it leaves a great gap in the home and also diminishes the level of trust. What’s the quantity of words that your child can discuss with you?  Either as a father or the mother? How often do you communicate? How well do you know your child or children? What do they discuss with you?

The answer to the last question should supersede all other questions, what do your children discuss with you?

A child that can’t walk up freely to discuss with his or her parents can never be able to walk up to them to keep secrets with them. If you want to know the level of your communication with your child or children, they should be able to walk up to you and keep their relationship secrets and experiences with you. This shows the level of trust which we shall discuss below.

4. Trust: Communication and love between parents and their children plays a very big role in showing the level of trust, it is only when there is good communication between the parents and the child that there can be love and when there is true love between a child and his parents then there would be a dramatic rise in trust.

Most children love to tell their mothers especially their secrets and they often communicate with her, why is this so? The simple and straight forward answer is that most children spend plenty of their time with their mother; they find comfort and refuge in them as they get to see often and communicate.

So as a father, don’t get annoyed or feel partial when you see your children getting more attracted to their mother, it is because a father can not sacrifice much time as a mother would.
5. Respect: Though it is natural that a child must give respect to their parents but it is also not a crime for parents to create a form of respect for their children. It is not the same level of respect we give to ourselves as parents we ought to give to our children, but at least we should create some form of respect for them so they could be free with us.

How Should Parents Give Respect To Their Children

Parents should not always have too much of dominance over their children or a strict level of authority  but at least they should give them a chance to make their own choices at some point, give them room for suggestions and let them contribute to the family discussions at times, with this they can also add more knowledge to themselves. 

When they are restricted from these things it will be very difficult for them to interact with us as parent because they will feel uncomfortable with us.

6. Comfort: Freedom is a form of comfort, when a child feels that he or she is free, especially with his parents, it gives the child a sense of humor and calmness to confide more in his parents and to seek comfort or refuge as at when needed.

One thing we should understand is that our children always want a close relationship with us no matter how stubborn and troublesome they are, they still need us, all that matters is the way we handle communications with them.

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