How Much Can Children Tell Their Parents?

Challenges Children Face

There is no limit to what children can tell their parents, only when giving the chance and freedom to speak. Children can tell their parents anything especially the challenges and experience they face. 

But it is easier said than done because most parents do not worth it or do not even give their children the chance or right to speak. Most wealthy parents believe that when they give their children a good amount of money that the children are find, but what about love, time and other responsibilities?

Most parents have with their own hands destroyed their home because they failed to understand their children 

Most parents have with their own hands destroyed their home because they failed to understand their children and do not give them the freedom they deserve.

Freedom And Restrictions

Every parent must know that all children have the right to freedom; this does not mean the freedom should be unlimited, it should be limited but restriction to some certain things are not encouraging because it could affect the psychological and physical state of a child.

Total restriction could lead a child to misbehave and act in an unjust manner; it is just like imprisoning a child for no reason and restricting them from being free.
Though to parents, restricting a child may be a way to curb some immoral acts of the child but it could also have a negative effect on the child’s social and academic life.

Children who are restricted finds it difficult to get close to their parents as they see their parents as an hindrance to their source of happiness.

This on the other hand triggers some violence acts in the children. Naturally, many children can become violent, greedy, selfish and egoistic but because most of them understands the negative effects and the impact of violence they try by all means to abstain from these acts.

Parents should learn to understand their children before judging them and going as far as restricting them from the freedom of life. The biggest mistake of it all is that restriction at the end may not solve any of the problems but complicate issues the more, even more badly than we can handle as parents.

However, it does not mean that restriction is a bad idea but it could violate and immensely create a form of disorderliness in a child if proper care isn’t taken.
As parents we should not expect a child who is restricted without any major reason to tell us their problems.

Children Right

When a child is restricted they have the right to know why they are, but one thing we should also know is that because they are children they may not easily understand in-depth the reason for the restriction. It is now the responsibility of the parent to call the child to attention and explain in details why he is being restricted after the tenure of the restriction elapses.

On one of our post we directed the question to the parent which says How Much Can Your Child TellYou As A Parent.  There, we can see the full responsibilities parent ought to take in order to improve and shield their relationships with their children and to avoid a broken home.
Children have a complicated mindset; so as a parent, do not start something that you can’t finish. Most children have some beast in them that just needed something to trigger before they can start acting up and because the children’s mind are flexible, the negative thoughts will keep coming until it grows a mindset in them that may not be breakable even when we go as far as using spell or spiritual portions on them. 

At this point they become allergic to positive changes. So as your self this very question can my child or children keep words or secret with me as a parent? If no then we need to make amendment before everything get out of hands.

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