6 Ways To Avoid Wife Battering In Marriage And Temperament To Notice In Courtship

 Temperament In Wife Battering 

Somethings are to be avoided if we really what to live long. But sometimes love for our lover covers and over shadow our sense of reasoning, with a mind set that everything would be fine. Love can make us over look simple thing that could easily kill us which battering seems to be one of them.

In our previous post, we discussed on what battering and wife battering is,  as an act of molesting the female sex in a violent way which could cause severe damage to life and could even cost us our lives.

Anger can destroy something that was built for years in a twinkle of an eye

Knowing what wife battering is could lead us to how to avoid these animalist behaviors most especially in men. According to research, a man who raises his hands up to beat his wife is an animal and he does not worth being a man.
Women are naturally meant to be disobedient because they have a soft heart to act childish and silly sometimes, we should have noticed this character tendencies in them in courtship and also while in marriage.

Acting upon a woman’s wrong attitude is normal but raising hands up to beat her is a violent act which has to be stopped. If you are a man reading this post we urge you to make amendments, however, the final decision is not in your hand but in your wife’s hand.

As a wife or a wife to be, if you are in courtship and you notice the following attitudes in your man before marriage and after marriage, follow the steps below and take caution.

‘Marriage is not a do or die’ affairs, you can try managing with your spouse at all cost but if you see it will cost you your life… I say it loud and clear, please flee and run for your life.
Marriage is not worth dying for, especially when the one you love to die for tries to take your life.

Please Note: We do not in any way encourage separation in marriage or home; our aim is to shield relationships and marriages and to guide and amend broken homes, relationship and marriages.

But we have to understand that life is more important than words, if you die due to battering, you wouldn’t have had the opportunity to read this post as one of our prominent readers. So your safety is more important to us.

Those who beat and maltreat their partners are said to be psychologically and mentally disordered. Battering  is as a result of aggression, violent arguments and exchange of words between two lovers or partners which could lead to physical combat. It could turn brutal and fatal to the point of costing us our lives or lovers lives if not withdrawn.
Signs To Take Note

Here are some signs we must take note of before and after marriage that shows the tendency that our spouse could batter us.

1.      Temperament: This is one very factor we should be more conscious of before marriage; humans are very corny in their ways, especially when they haven’t gotten what they want. They most times pretend to be who they are not just to get what they want, because of this they try by all ways and means to keep their temperament in them by hiding their true nature  at all cost. So, we must be very careful while dealing with our partners. Temperament could come in various ways which would be discussed below.

·        Anger: This is one of the dangerous temperaments in human; anger can destroy something that was built for years in a twinkle of an eye. So, if anger can do this, then it is possible to destroy a relationship built for years in a matter of seconds.

We must take note of this before we get in a relationship or marriage we may regret later and for the rest of our lives. When we observe that our partners or lovers get angry on little things then, there are tendencies that they can batter us.

·        Frustration: When our spouses gets easily frustrated and can not handle or control their temper, it is a sign that could lead to battering because easily frustrated people tend to develop anger in no time and they easily get violent, when we notice this as a temperament in our spouse early in courtship we have to find a means of calming and controlling their temperament but when we notice their temperament can not be controlled then it is best advice to let go of the relationship.

Do not manage a relationship when you see that it is not yielding what you expect, flee before marriage but if you are already into marriage and you experience battering as a wife then, if you see that you can’t control or calm him down and you noticed that it could cost you your life, please kindly report to a marriage counselor, explain your situation so they can guide you through the right ways to go.

·        Abusive And Insultive Words: Though, in this modern generation abusive words does not look like an insult to many of us and this also applies to relationships, but to be frank, any relationship where the partners use some vigorous words may not last long.

Abusive words might sometimes appear like a compliment in and outside of a relationship but it is not acceptable in any relationship as it could easily promote violence and lead to provocation especially when any of the lovers are not in the mood.

Assaultive words triggers temperament in us when we are not in the mood and it could lead to battering, this we have to avoid in courtship before relationship.

·        Who Hits You When Arguing: In any relationship it is normal for two lovers to have some sort of misunderstanding, but when misunderstanding turns into hitting your spouse, it becomes a violent action which can easily lead to battering.

Always by all means study your spouse especially young ladies out there; when your spouse hits you in the process of argument to resolve issue, there is a very high tendency that it could easily lead to battering.
It is normal that mistakes could happen, when they tell you it a mistake you can always give it a second chance to see if it is truly a mistake, but when it occurs over and over, you need to flee from such relationship to avoid regret.

·        No Sympathy Or Care: When you are with a spouse be it a man or woman who does not care or have sympathy for you in your relationship, have it in your mind that the relationship is leading nowhere, don’t force it just leave.
Moreover, what is the essence of a relationship that lacks care and sympathy! A man or woman who fails to help you in the time of your needs isn’t close to a partner.

But that doesn’t mean that you should frustrate your spouse with your problems, when you ask or demand too much in your relationship, you get nothing but disaster and regret.

Men are cunny by nature, they easily give when they want to get something from you, but after getting what they want they molests you and if you get married at the end you should expect wife battering.

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