How To Dominate Your Relationship

Many relationships have failed mainly because one person in the relationship could not dominate (majorly the man).

Dominating a relationship involves good quality control which requires special skills. Basically, a relationship involves two different people from different homes or family background, with different mindset and ideology about life.

Dominate Control In Relationship


For a relationship to be fruitful and promising then it should be more of who takes the lead.
Not knowing their role or responsibilities and  who should take the lead in a relationship could lead to brutal and fatal misunderstanding among two lovers, as they will always keep ending up in argument and this would reduce the mode of communication, attention and attractiveness in the relationship.
When all these negative acts and actions are incorporated in a relationship it might easily end up damaging the relationship which could automatically end up in relationship breakup.
However, many people try to manage a relationship by creating a balance or harmony  to prevent, safe-guard and guide a relationship, in form of relationship shield; so it won’t end up in break up but it doesn’t work for many because they do not really understand what domain control is. Relationships could end up being a catastrophe if there is no proper domain control.



What is Domination in relationship?

As the name implies; Dominating in a relationship is an act by which one of the partner leads, be in charge, dominates, takes control and takes the upper share of almost all responsibilities and respects in a relationship.
 What You Need To Know About Dominating

When dealing with domain control in a relationship, there should be a room for individual decision making and options. Dominating in relationship does not mean that a person should be enslaved by their partners nor is it an act of holding back a person’s right or freedom rather,  it is a way to harmonize, balance, and maintain peace and unity between two people in a relationship.



Where People Get It All Wrong

Most people in relationships believed that domain or authority control in a relationship is settled when money and other material things are greatly involved or stands as the priority in a relationship.
But that has in no way clipped down domain control, because there is more to it and this is what we shall discourse here on this post and how it could damage a relationship if not well shielded.
As money could go a long way by solving financial crisis in a relationship so could it also be a disaster and damage to that same relationship.
It is so sad that people yet failed to understand that money can not solve everything and it can not in particular buy true love. Hence, taking dominance and control of a relationship requires a special set of skills.
People fall in love as they do fail in love, it is quite as simple as this; finding a lover could be easy but understanding, maintenance, balancing and harmony in a relationship is not as easy as we think, this is the more reason why people fail in love.
Love is built on mindset which is based on how we can handle situations and the choice we make in amending them also matters.
However, some people believe that when there is money, love can be properly managed or maintained but this is not true in all cases, and here is the reason why people fail and get it all wrong.


Save Guarding A Relationship

Save guarding a relationship is more than financial capabilities and how you spend your money can not determine the stability of your relationship, moreover the more you spend for love the less true feelings you get in return.
True love isn’t based on what you spend on your lover but what matters most is how you control your relationship.

Relationship Control

Just as relationship shield is a way to protect relationships from being broken, it takes much more sacrifices, knowledge and maturity to dominate and control a relationship.
To control a relationship is to be in charge, so how do you be in charge of a relationship.

Your Investment Counts:

What have you really invest in your relationship?  This is what we should ask ourselves if truly we wished or want to have a dominant control in our relationship. Many people who are financially buoyant will say money.
But ‘let me shock you’ Have you forgotten what they say money is? “The love of money is the root of all evil”.
When a relationship is built on a foundation of material things alone, mainly the money aspect, the source then is well assured that such relationship does not have a place.
Let’s put money or material things aside;
To have a total domain control in a relationship, we have to firstly have a clear knowledge of what our relationship is all about and how well we understand our partner.

What To Consider When Trying To Dominate

Time Factor: Time is the ultimate factor that binds and holds a relationship together, this is also a reason why some lovers in a long distance relationship gets frustrated because there is no time in reaching out to each other.
When we can’t reach out to our lover, it drastically reduces our mode of communication because communication is one prominent factor that shields and binds relationships together.
The total amount of time we devote to our lover counts, by so doing we would be able to know the needs, strengths and weakness of our partner.
That being said, when trying to have a domain control in a relationship, we must consider these things:

How To Dominating Your Relationship

Partner’s Needs: Knowing how to dominate a relationship needs constant attention so as to know what our partner needs or lack. Determining the needs and wants of our partner is very crucial as it shows in our attitude how caring we are. Knowing the well-being of our partner is a good sign of a healthy relationship.
1. Taking Responsibilities: Taking responsibilities is another factor that could determine how one can dominate and control a relationship, “Someone who can start something and finish it is a responsible person”.
So taking responsibilities without doubt and hesitation shows that you can handle any relationship situations and challenges.
2. Consistency: When thinking of dominating a relationship there must be an act of consistency in whatever you do. Consistency in communication, in provision, in attitude and in care is very crucial. Consistent care in a relationship gives love an upper hand to attract, flourish and replenish.
3. Maturity And Understanding: Maturity and understanding in a relationship goes a long way in shielding relationships from breaking and it also helps in domination control. When a relationship is controlled by matured minds which is based on how well exposed and experienced both lovers are then it could help in domain control.
4. Security: To dominate is to have the power to secure, shield, guard and protect a relationship with our mental and physical ability. When our partners are confident about how secured our relationship is, They feel relaxed and comfort  such relationship  in turn commands respect, loyalty, and create more attention.

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