How To Fix a Broken Relationship In Just 6 Steps

Being heart broken is as a result of lack of trust and other factors; when trust is broken in a relationship it automatically leads to a broken heart.  Then at this point we begin to sort on how to fix a broken relationships. Broken trust in a relationship depends on some factors which we shall discuss later on this post. 

fixing broken heart in relationships and marriages


Everyone in a relationship wants a happy ending, no one wished to have a break in their currently happy relationship, and that’s one reason why many people use anything they have to protect and shield their relationships from being broken, although, many relationship could still not withstand the external pressures and distractions.

Reviving A Broken Relationship

Reviving relationships after it is being broken is a thing that should be done by both spouses. A broken relationship is caused by one of the spouses in a relationship and it can only be revived if and only one of the partners admits his or herself to be at fault and take it upon his or herself to take the responsibility, shame and blame that may accompany it to fix and shield the relationship.


How To Fix a Broken Relationship

1. Money: One of the things that lead to a broken relationship is money; Money or material things in relationships goes a long way in causing diversity and also amending the relationships. To fix a broken relationship require money, a relationship without money or material things is almost worthless, when you as a man can not cater for the needs of your family, the possibilities of having a happy home or relationship is limited.

Money and other material thing plays a long and powerful role in relationships and as it could break a relationship so could it also revive it. It is advisable that when going into any form of relationship, be it in friendship, courtship dating and marriage, it is very advisable for a man who values his relationship to be financially buoyant or stable.


2. Time: Relationship is demanding and it takes more of our money and other material resources. As it takes our time, most relationships fail because they do not have enough time to get along, they may try to manage the little time they have but it would surely get to a point where the time we try to manage will not be sufficient and this could in turn leads to break up.

Nevertheless if we find ourselves in this very situation and we wish to revive and shield our relationship, then we need to consider providing more time for our spouses, as this will encourage and give the relationship a boost. But then, reviving a long distance relationship needs more effort and these takes us to communication.


3. Communication: Communication skill is one of the prominent ways and key to shield and revive a relationship. Taking a good look at it, there is no relationship that can survive without communication. When there is lack of communication in a relationship, the relationship becomes vulnerable to attacks because communication creates more attention and also draws people closer. So therefore, take your time with your spouse and communicate more often, this will help revive your relationship most especially a long distance relationship.


4. Trust: When trust is broken in a relationship, communication is equally imbalanced. In a relationship, when the level of trust diminishes this would result to constant argument and if proper actions are not taken to revive this loop holes, it would make the relationship to fail and may lead to an eventual broken up in the relationship. 

When trust is broken in a relationship it automatically leads to a heart break. Repairing a relationship when trust is broken depends strongly on the stability in communication in the relationship. It is very important as it helps to develop a form of confidence and trust between two lovers, when communication fails then trust also fails likewise when trust fails it could be very difficult to revive such relationship.


5. Dominating And Taking Responsibilities: We have once discussed on dominant control which is seen as an act of dominating or being in charge and taking responsibilities in a relationship. When there is lack of dominance in a relationship, such relationship is subjected to failure and could easily lead to break up. To revive a relationship, it must be shielded with an act of dominance. 

Dominating and taking responsibilities in a relationship goes a very long way because it automatically shields and make our partner feel a form of comfort around us. To dominate a relationship is to shield, protect, guard and take every other challenge as our responsibility; this in turns gives our lover confidence in the relationship.


6. Sexual Differences: Sexual differences also play a long role in relationship break ups and also if well understood it could be a shield to revive a dead relationship. One thing we should always understand is that we all are not the same. As there are great signs of individual differences in people so does our sexual lives.

Most relationships could not survive and would never revive based on the lack of knowledge to understand what individual differences are in sexual life and how it could affect our relationships negatively. Sex duration and tolerance in a relationship are basic factors that could lead to relationships break up. We should not keep pressuring our spouses or lovers to give us more while they have actually reached their limits, it could be consequential.


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