4 Things That Depreciates Relationship Values And Solutions To Relationship Frustrations

What are values in Relationship?

Relationships become frustrating when there is no value. Values in relationship are associated with pride, trust, time, communication and responsibilities, Values in relationship are what depreciate relationship values. 

Frustration may occur at any time in a relationship and it could easily lead to a break up. Here on this post, we shall discuss on how to manage frustration in relationships.

As we have said earlier when values depreciate in a relationship, gradually the fire burning in the relationship begins to die down.  What do I mean by fire in relationships? It represents the love, trust, and feeling between two lovers.

“Things like safety, trust, team, fun, loving, kindness, loyalty, respect, equality, living life to the max are common examples. It is the miss-alignment of core value that creates major disruption in relationships“. – yogitimes

Unfortunately as we speak, consequently as frustration sets in, there are relationships whose values have been lost. Depreciation in relationship values could easily lead to consistent arguments between two lovers and the funniest part of this all is that they may not know exactly where the fault is coming from.

But then, we have earlier mentioned at the beginning of this post what depreciates relationship values and how it could lead to frustration. As we said earlier, relationship values are attached or associated with trust, time, commitment, communication and responsibilities and more.

We all know what all these are in relationships, but I will shed more light on it with solution to what makes relationship frustrating and all that depreciates relationship values.

1. Trust: One of the things that depreciates relationship values and could lead to frustration in a relationship is lack of trust. When lovers begin to hide things from themselves or at the point when our spouse says yes and we eventually confirmed that it means a no then automatically the problem of trust begin to set in which in turn depreciates the relationships value. Lack of trust could make a relationship boring and the moment a relationship gets boring it immediately leads to frustration.


When most people find themselves in this kind of situation they get confused, tired and easily wish to opt out. However, if this is the situation we find ourselves in, the solution is not to opt out of it if we truly love our partner but rather to find a way to amend our wrongs. Firstly, we need to figure out who is at fault, and then accept our faults as they were, then we can go ahead to apologize.

One thing that brings stability to relationship is when lovers in a relationship learn to say sorry irrespective of the gender, age or class. Saying ‘I am sorry’ actually goes a long way in protecting and shielding a relationship.

2. Time: Lack of time in relationship depreciates relationship values. Time is everything, but how long do we devote commitment to our various relationships. When work takes too much of our time we automatically leave a big gap for intruders to penetrate into our affairs and before we know it we may not meet up.

Most relationships fail these days because they do not have time to protect and nurture their relationships. It is easy to start something when you don’t have the time, at the same time, because we create little or no time for it, it is difficult to maintain or manage a relationship.

Intruders who are jealous of our relationships are everywhere looking for a way to penetrate and into us, all they needed is a loop hole and they are in.


Time is everything in life and in relationships. Successful relationships have a good recipient of time which determines the level at which a relationship is shielded. But when time factor isn’t important then the relationship is open and vulnerable to attacks for anyone to come in, even when we think that our relationship is shielded or strong enough.

Create time for yourselves; it may not be 100 percent guaranteed but at least it should be close. “Don’t joke with what you value so it will not lose its value in your very eyes”. Because when frustration comes into play, by then you may not have the capability to handle the pressure.

3. Communication: It is not new to us what communication in relationship is and the power it holds in shielding a relationship. Lack of communication in relationship is one thing that depreciates relationship values and it can easily lead to frustration. When there is lack of communication, a relationship is bound to fail. Why many relationships fail is based on the weak level of communication which in turns reduces relationship values.


Just like creating more time in a relationship, learn to create more time for communication. Communication draws more attention and attractions between lovers. Sometimes we may find ourselves in a long distance relationship or we may find ourselves in a different situation that may not warrant us to call our lovers or spouses. Both lovers have to understand that when communication is broken in a relationship the relationship automatically fails.

Both lovers must have responsibilities to carry and they should be submissive. Never let arrogance and pride get into you. Those two things destroy a fruitful relationship easily.

4. Pride: It is natural for issues to arise and arguments to come up, anything that has the prospect to bring forth good fruit must first face some serious challenges, the same applies to relationships too, but when pride stands as a blockage between two lovers it hinders  the flow of happiness and it depreciates relationship values.

Relationship values are the asset and everything else in a relationship comes behind. When our lover does not call us to settle the dispute between us, we must learn to take away our pride and call them no matter how the issues are.

Pride depreciates relationship values, and the moment we notice a trait of pride in ourselves, our spouses or the relationship itself, be it  in  age, class, power or wealth differences, we must try as much as possible to solve them.

In a relationship it is normal that we have the soft hearted and the strong hearted person. It is abnormal and dangerous to have two soft or strong hearted people because there may not be a way to solve relationships problem by this.

To this end, I believe in a way or the other we have learnt a thing or two as to what depreciates relationship values and solutions to relationship frustrations.

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